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ANNA, the avatar

Embracing artistic collaboration, Eugenia and Littieri created Anna, an AI Avatar. Images, text, sound, and voice converged, augmented by Melobites’ melodies. Albert Einstein’s voice was revived, while voice mod technology transformed singers’ voices. The harmonious fusion of art and technology captivated audiences. This project showcased the limitless potential of collaboration between human creativity and AI, … Read more

Exploring the Consciousness of the AI Artist:

A Journey into Creative Expression What is consciousness? “Consciousness” is a term used to describe the state of awareness or subjective experience of an individual. It is the ability to perceive, think, and have self-awareness. While consciousness is a complex phenomenon that is still not fully understood, it is generally associated with the functioning of … Read more

Broken Telephone

Consciousness Information Shift, Through an AI Chain This concept of sequences explores the intersection of consciousness, artificial intelligence, and the transformation and communication of artistic expressions. Drawing inspiration from the children’s game “broken telephone,” this investigation involves a sequence of artificial intelligence algorithms attempting to interpret and translate various forms of artistic media, thereby assessing … Read more


CONCEPT The topicality of consciousness in relation to this project lies in the exploration of the human psyche. By assigning angelic and demonic personas to participants based on their personality scores, the project delves into the duality of human nature. It highlights how different aspects of consciousness, can shape one’s choices and actions. Through the … Read more

The Consciousness of Tiredness

A short movie on AI workforce and its labor rights. Consciousness is a very human related state which subtly implies being aware of existing. From futurism movement at the beginning of last century we have been imagining our lives with the extraordinary powers of machines. We thought how our lives would be easier with technology … Read more


The Metaverse 2.0 for an environmentally conscious design If environmental consequences could be quickly computed by AI and reflected in an immersive digital model environment, the AEC industry could change the way it delivers results and reduce its carbon footprint? The research proposal is to investigate the “Infoverse”, an enhanced Metaverse for designers, where they … Read more

Unlocking the Potential of BIM and Immersive Reality: AEC Education Reimagined

VR ConDent: Maha-ElGewely l General Definitions BIM/AEC/Immersive Reality What is BIM? Building Information Modeling is a digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics .A process that involves the creation and use of an informed 3D model to communicate efficiently the project decisions. What is AEC? Architecture, Engineering and Construction It is an acronym … Read more

An Ode to Air

Keep the water out! It seems as though this is the first shard of wisdom one is exposed to when studying Architecture. I remember coming across this motto of sorts for the first time in a class on detailing; my professor seemed almost obsessed by the presence of water and its surreptitious ability to undo … Read more

Commercial 3D printing in concrete

Theory of Structural Materials: Commercial 3D printing in concrete Faculty: Prof Jane Burry Faculty Co-presenter: Dr Sascha Bohnenberger Thesis Technological innovation has always been an important part in the advancement of architecture, allowing new tools to solve current problems in the design industry. The 20th century showed us the great mechanical properties that concrete is … Read more

Material Ecology

Introduction Neri Oxman has described Material Ecology as being at the intersection of Computation Design, Additive Manufacturing, Materials Engineering and Synthetic Biology.  It is more than simple biomimicry as the process is collaborative in nature. Her lab focuses on the symbiosis of microorganisms, our bodies, our products and even our buildings. In order to better … Read more

Mission Critical Materials

If all architects and engineers saw the development of our projects as the aerospace industry does, we would begin to see many projects incredibly optimized for their use in structural, environmental, etc. Terms. In recent years we have experienced an increase in space exploration. Because technology has become more democratized, more simulations and experiments can … Read more

Vision of Alliesthesia

Definition The link between thermal pleasure and thermal acceptability is referred to as alliesthesia. It implies that adaptability, asymmetries, and transient conditions are among the subjective variables that affect people’s perceptions of thermal comfort in addition to objective parameters like temperature, humidity, and air velocity. The design and assessment of thermal comfort in buildings and … Read more


As the world continues to look for alternatives of sources to feed its insatiable appetite for energy while reducing reliance on fossil fuels, a new source may lie in an unexpected place: the Sounds around us. Investigations into Sound Energy have been ongoing for many years, but the use of sound as a Source of … Read more

Heat & Light

particle trace visualization of wind patterns around a building

Wind Effects on Buildings With this blog post we would like to hit on a sample from the multitudes of complex factors affecting the built environment in an urban context. These factors will aid or inhibit a designer’s ability to utilize wind to provide a better internal climate for the users of our buildings. One … Read more

Occupant Behavior Simulation in Building Energy Conservation: Methodological Summary and Workflow Review.

Actually, there is often a significant discrepancy between the designed and the real total energy use in buildings. The reasons of this gap are generally poorly understood and largely have more to do with the role of human behavior than the building design. Human always interact with architecture in their daily life: opening/closing windows, turning … Read more


Structural Materials Is the scale of the projects in the experimentation on computational design fabrication an obstacle or an opportunity?  Since architects started to shed their skin on the conventional way in practice and caught the digital era, the abundance of application of digital design on the realization became joyful for the audience. Mario Carpo … Read more


The last 10-15 years of development in computers and software have given most engineers and architects the capacity to self-resolve every kind of problem with complex structural forming in a short amount of time.                                                                         This has allowed them to break the calculability paradigm. Where what was not able to be calculated, or even … Read more