The Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities (MAEBB) postgraduate program is an 11-month immersive academic program focused on learning how to design and build a new generation of buildings and cities to respond to the planet’s emerging climate challenges. The program is carried out in Valldaura Labs, in Barcelona, a 135 He property located in the Collserola forest. Here, students will live and work surrounded by nature while using the most advanced technologies and design techniques in the pursuit of what is also IAAC’s long term initiative, to create self-sufficient and ecological environments.


Plant Container Fabrication | Sawdust Experiment

The first trimester’s Collaborative Design Studio Project we focused on the conception, design, and execution of a vertical farming system. The system is intended for exhibition at Barcelona’s Ciutadella Park in February 2024, in an exhibition titled MÁQUINA CLIMÁTICA. The goal of the fabrication part of our project is to conceptualize and produce a plant … Read more

Fabricating CHAIRS – 1 for 2 and the Turnover

THE PROCESS OF PROTOTYPING planning Fabricating chairs for the Collaborative Design Studio project 2023-24 was a journey consisting of diverse ideas, input, and glitches that led to multiple learning outcomes. We spent the first few weeks designing digital models to narrow down to a design language, that guided us throughout the process. We then explored … Read more

Design & Fabrication | A model of Urban Agriculture

This terms collaborative studio project briefed the students at Valldaura to prepare material for the upcoming exhibition, Macquina Climatica, which presents a catalog of proposals for urban agriculture within the metropolitan area of Barcelona. One such proposal uses a scale model to demonstrate what rooftop urban agriculture in the city might look like, how it … Read more

Shoe rack | Design and Fabrication

When the year started, Nishi and I noticed we missed something important: a place to place our numerous shoes. We thus decided we should make a shoe rack to safely and orderly store our shoes away. Since we wanted place to store boots, we decided for a design with alternating overhang. Additionally, we decided not … Read more

From Concept to Craft: Fabricating and Assessing Wooden Table Structures

The design & fabrication course focused on inculcating hands-on experience in utilizing advanced machines such as CNC routers, 3D printers, and traditional carpentry tools. In this class, we were taught how to use various technologies to fabricate our designs into the final product. For this program, we started with prototyping the structure of our Table. … Read more

Designing & Fabricating the Umbraculo Bench

Prototype and Final Production The Umbraculo bench was designed in three main stages. The first being the design phase, this phase underwent many design iterations until a final design was settled upon. Next came the the prototype phase where we utilised the 3D printer and the CNC machine to better understand our design as well … Read more

Design + Fabrication

This post shows the different products that I produced and the fabrication methods and machines that were applied during the first semester, using the machines of the carpentry and the Green Fablab at Valldaura Labs. Table saw jigs The table saw jigs serve the purpose of making angled or elevated cuts on the table saw … Read more

Prototyping “Notched In”: A journey to the final model

The worked developed for Design and Fabrication course focused on the construction and exploration of prototypes for the Shelves project, part of the Collaborative Design Studio discipline. Two different approaches The design process commenced with various ideas and structural concepts, eventually narrowing down to two options: double columns and double beams. To investigate strength, assembly … Read more