Inspired by the artistic vision of Refik Anadol, the project seeks to reimagine the interaction between nature and humans through a digital lens. Utilizing motion and sound detection technologies, this interactive wall transforms human interactions with their environment into a visual and dynamic experience.

It visualizes how nature and humans respond to each other, offering viewers an opportunity to forge a deeper connection with the natural world.

The project not only reflects the rhythms and patterns of the natural world but also illustrates the potential of technology as a medium for environmental engagement and awareness.

Schematic Diagram

Circuit Layout and Materials


Prototype/Circuit of the Interactive Wall : Servo motor control the movement of the wall with the ultrasonic sensor. Sound Sensor Control the LED brightness.


Next Steps

1- Advanced Interaction Capabilities

  • More complex gesture recognition capabilities could be added to allow users to control the wall’s behavior with specific hand movements.
  •  Voice recognition features could be integrated to enable control through spoken commands.

2- Environmental Adaptation

  • The wall could be made responsive to ambient light conditions, with adjustments in LED brightness accordingly.
  • Temperature sensors could be integrated to change colors or patterns based on the room’s temperature.

3- Enhanced a Experience

  • More complex algorithms for generating dynamic patterns and color transitions based on movement and sound could be implemented.
  • Projection mapping could be used for more intricate and detailed visual displays on the wall.

4- Artistic Collaborations

  • Collaborations with artists could be pursued to create unique, dynamic art installations using the wall.
  • The wall could be used for community-driven projects or public installations to encourage community engagement.