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Early tests – reading mouse pose data Ultrasonic sensor implementation Gyroscope sensor implementation Combined sensor integration Testing sensors on 3D data Sensor logic breakdown Networking setup Schematic Further steps

Albert: The Rock, Paper, Scissors Robotic Hand

Albert, is a rock-paper-scissors robotic hand designed to serve as a playing partner for the rock-paper-scissors game, aiming to bridge human-robot interaction. Rock-paper-scissors is a universally understood game, known for its simplicity and effectiveness in decision-making. Our objective was to establish a unified language between a robot and a human by humanizing the robot. We … Read more

Kinect Surfaces (Light and Sound)

State of the Art In recent decades, kinetic facades have surfaced as innovative architectural elements, offering alternative building envelopes tailored to address escalating and intricate demands related to user comfort, energy consumption, and cost efficiency. Various articulations of this concept have been advanced, encompassing approaches that span from the integration of inventive components to the … Read more

Truss and Roof Health

ROBOTIC SOLUTIONS FOR 3D SPACE ANALYSIS AIM This workshop ran in collaboration with Noumena and IAAC where we were introduced to a environmental scanning and data processing workflows which combined the use of photogrammetry and point-cloud data. The site of the study was at IAAC’s new building which is yet to be constructed. From this … Read more

Stylized Point Cloud

Aim The main objective is to generate a new formation of point cloud of the new IAAC building, that is inspired from a style (Artistic /Architectural) using  AI / Machine learning and change the existing point cloud with the the new stylized point cloud. State of The Art Image-to-image translation is a class of vision … Read more


Context I-P_Maper(Intersection Point Mapper) is a project based on ROS and scanning. It mainly focuses on controlling the robot tool path to scan and get the data we want. Given the time constraints, we maximized our efforts and performed a series of tests in order to develop a program that could accurately identify up to … Read more

Object Database Creation Automation

State of the Art Raw Timber and AEC Industry Wood waste is often disregarded in the wood industry and the construction industry. Majority of wood used in construction is sawn and processed wood that not only generates waste on its production but it is also associated with high CO2 emissions, because of the embodied energy … Read more


Context Is additive manufacturing going to change the way we fabricate? Certainly it is, Additive manufacturing has an immense growth potential with a 22% annual growth as it has offers mass customisation and reduced waste. One of the challenges in additive manufacturing is to improve the precision and reliability of the manufacturing process. This can … Read more

Neuro-Sensitive Spatial Biophilia

A Neuroimmunological Approach to Biophilic Design for Interactive and Healthy Environments The aim of the project is to design an interactive space by implementing certain biophilic design choices that will contribute to the improvement of human health. Studies have shown that exposure to the environment has an impact on stress receptors, while also indicating that … Read more

“Fibernetics: Bridging Kinetic Architecture with Cybernetics for Adaptive Spatial Configurations”

Abstract: Architectural space has been non responsive to the dynamic and changing nature of social interaction. Building on the history of responsive architecture, interactive design principles and technological developments in sensing, processing and actuation, the project proposes a new model that merges kinetic architecture and cybernetics. Creating adaptive configurations through automated kinetic architectural skeletons, employing … Read more


The objective of this project is to expand the capabilities of specific robotic processes in additive manufacturing, known as impact printing, Impact Printing, a novel additive manufacturing  Robotic technique that consolidates pliable soft particles through a robotic shooting process. The cohesion among these soft particles arises from the conversion of kinetic energy, acquired during acceleration, … Read more

Design by YOU

Everyday stressors are like a collection of small waves that constantly lap at the shores of our lives.  From traffic jams and work deadlines to financial pressures and interpersonal challenges, these daily stressors can add up. Our exposure to the surrounding environment, whether it’s a bustling city or a quiet countryside, also plays a role. … Read more


Concept The intention was to design a multi functional rover with obstacle sensing capabilities. The rover can be controlled in two ways, either through voice commands or through Bluetooth remote sensing. Materials Circuit Diagram Some critical considerations: Before uploading the code RX and TX connections must be taken out. After uploading, they must be again … Read more

Desktop FAN-Tasy

“A futuristic, yet, simple approach to cooling down…” Concept While working in the office in the terrible heat of the summer, the air conditioner was rapidly cooling the small room and we had to constantly turn it on and off. For this reason, I bought a desktop fan, but to turn it on, I had … Read more

Luminous Echoes Prototype

Movement, light and sound are the 3 essential elements that compose this project. Having in mind the importance and exponential potential of technology in art, “Luminous Echoes” explores the interplay between these elements as an interactive art installation. The installation consists of a darkened room, that when detected presence is lightened by a responsive pattern … Read more

Adaptive Sun Shade

The proposed project is to have a mechanical responsive canopy that can react to the sun path in each time of the day. As climate conditions such as temperature and sun radiation levels approximate to undesired levels the built in system would trigger the mechanism. The sun shade is controlled by three different servo motors, … Read more

Sensible Roof

Concept The Dynamic Proximity-Controlled Ceiling System is an innovative installation designed to create adaptable spaces by adjusting ceiling height based on human presence and proximity. It utilizes motion-sensing technology and a motorized mechanism to raise or lower the ceiling in real-time, providing an interactive and responsive environment. This project concept presents an innovative solution that … Read more

Multifunctional slats

Multifunctional Slats (MS) is a proposed shading system that reacts to environmental factors through sensors and actuators. The system is imagined as a shading device that is able to protect from the heat incidence and rain of the sun during the day with the same element. The sun’s incidence angle varies during the day; we … Read more

The Future of Sensor

Team member(s): Sebastiyanraj Arockiam MichaelrajModified by Sebastiyanraj Arockiam Michaelraj on December 7, 2023 The system to save a Human life “Welcome to “The Future of Sensor”, a platform dedicated to examining the instrumental role of sensor technology in protecting individuals from self-inflicted harm. In our contemporary, high-speed society, the escalating stress levels, especially among younger demographics, emphasize the critical … Read more

Artificial Sun

“Artificial sun” is a light installation that originated from a dark, cold winter walk in Berlin. Berlin, one of Europe’s liveliest and youngest cities, is renowned for its vibrant parties and general positive atmosphere.However, when winter arrives and the days grow shorter, the city seems to go into hibernation, leaving its streets cold and empty. … Read more

Adaptive Blossom Canopy

The Adaptive Blossom Canopy stands as a smart roofing system, tailored to address the challenges of hosting outdoor events in regions characterized by scorching temperatures and erratic rainfall. Drawing inspiration from the grace of nature, its design showcases a structural framework crafted with kinetic roofing panels mirroring the petals of a four-leaf flower. Employing Arduino … Read more

Automatic Irrigator

(Either that or a cool edgy name too.) As for a very simple concept: The idea surged from the need present for some of the people from the neighborhood. Many students struggle with finding good and affordable food at Barcelona – so, naturally, they resort to cooking themselves. Yet. for the last few months, some … Read more


Interactive Liminalities is an attempt to activate the sensory perception of human interaction in Liminal Spaces, which are transitional spaces, lacking a sense of connect and dialogue due to their functional nature. The idea is to stimulate the space through sensual anomalies. When a user transitions, the detection enabled through ultrasonic sensors, initiate a connection … Read more