Changing architecture with AI

Market study

Architecture as a profession is well know for its long work hours and less pay. Because as an industry in general is the least optimised industry just above agriculture and hunting in 2020. This results into more work load and less output. Hence the productivity rate is negative 1.4,which leads to increase in pay gaps compared to other industries.


Architects try to integrate and learn new tools in their design practices. Yet there is no integrated platform that exists to help these professionals find, use and adapt these new tools emerging everyday as per their specific needs. So, they spend a lot of time looking for appropriate sources, spend huge amounts of money to subscribe software which they don’t even need. 

On an average architects spend 20% of their time looking for new ways of doing things as per their requirements which costs as much as a 100 euros a month. Companies spend 15 to 20k a year just for their software subscriptions. Also they spend significant portion of their revenue which is 17% of their total revenue for renders, BIM modelists and other consultants as they don’t know how to do those tasks efficiently.

Market competition

We have industry leading companies which are tackling different problems on at a time. There are architecture consultancy companies which helps you enhance office practices. There are companies that helps in scheduling and data management. And then there are these big tech giants which have heavy subscription costs and provide you an integrated environment to deal with your design and presentation needs which andre complicated and time consuming. 

Market solution

We want to provide  TAILORED WORKFLOWS TO OPTIMISE ARCHITECTURE PRACTICES USING STATE OF THE ART ADVANCEMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY by using a simple interface so that architects can make better use of their time.

Market potential

Customer Acquisition

We would acquire customers by blogging on well know architecture magazines and forums and also by visiting offices and academic institutions. We would also spend on seo to boost our reachability initially. We are already in touch with architecture firms of various scales globally.

Business model

Our business model is divided into four stages. At Open source level we give students and architectes about new softwares available in market to create awareness.

At Startup level we offer trail access to AI software packages, recorded sessions explaining how to use it and templates to make boring tasks easier.

At Pro level we provide custom workflows, special deals on subscriptions to softwares / workshops / advanced assets.

At Enterprise level we offer In person training as per new workflow, staff recruitment facility if required & help adapting workflow in future.

Costs VS Revenue

Our minimum viable product will cost around 98k and we’ll spend 146k on customer acquisition which would be fairly high for first couple of years to gain traction. But our estimated revenue is 300k, so we believe that we will be profitable in the first year of operations itself.


Invest, Invest, Invest

Architecture software market is growing at a rapid rate. We at SimplifAI can help you integrate new tools that help saving resources and money. So you can focus on your work.