This project was part of a 1 week workshop at IAAC, utilizing the institute’s two ABB IRB6700 industrial robots. The workshop incorporated Dr. Gannon’s sophisticated simulation tools, which provide safe, real-time control of industrial robots. Under the guidance of Madeline showing us how to sketch with robots we were able to work within a flexible framework with the robots using a range of familiar software environments, enhancing their interactive experience with the installations.

Our project ‘Strings of Life’ is a duel robotic recreation of a marionette, using the input data from media pipes hand pose estimation were able to successfully to create a virtual string between a persons hand in front of a webcam and the robots axis points.

Interaction logic

Robotic cell

For safety and more control over the robots we restricted the range of movement of the robots so to not throw the puppet around during the live demonstration.

Video of Process
Using our hands to manipulate the robots.
The Final Showcase