Advanced Digital Tools: A Foundation to Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a visual programming language and graphical algorithm editor for Rhinoceros, a 3D modeling software. It automates the recurring process and generates geometric figures through mathematical functions. It helps in creating complex models using simple geometry. Using Grasshopper helps an architect or designer to comprehend and analyze the design. The form, structure and system … Read more

“Fibernetics: Bridging Kinetic Architecture with Cybernetics for Adaptive Spatial Configurations”

Abstract: Architectural space has been non responsive to the dynamic and changing nature of social interaction. Building on the history of responsive architecture, interactive design principles and technological developments in sensing, processing and actuation, the project proposes a new model that merges kinetic architecture and cybernetics. Creating adaptive configurations through automated kinetic architectural skeletons, employing … Read more


Abstract This study delves into the innovative fusion of graph theory with architectural design and planning, facilitated by a structured BIM to Graph workflow. By conceptualizing architectural elements as nodes and their interconnections as edges within a graph, architects gain an adaptable and multifunctional tool for representation, analysis, and strategic planning. The graph’s inherent scalability … Read more

Mitigating embedded CO2 in the urban tissue of Singapore

Main challenge: densify city,  connect nature, and mitigate embedded CO2 Singapore is one of the densest countries in the World. Nature-conscious city densification has to consider reimbursement of natural patches within built environment, applying an connecting nature approach similar to a multi-tiered tropical forest. Mitigation of embodied carbon stays in  a row with nature connectivity. … Read more


Harvesting water and sunlight Imagine if we could solve both a water and energy crisis using urban installations. Take a funnel to collect water and merge this with an umbrella. What do you get? A fumbrella of course! In this module we created a custom web app using JavaScript and Vue components. This web application … Read more

Martian Playground // Studio

Design Brief and Scope The purpose of this project is to design a colony on Mars to sustain life for 50 people with the possibility to expand to 300 people over time.  This specific projects revolves around the specific function of recreation. Site Detection and Analysis ChatGPT 3 is used to create a relative grading … Read more

Mars Medical Center

Introduction For the BIMSC studio project, the class designed a human colony initially capable of accommodating 50 inhabitants, with the potential to expand to 300 inhabitants. Working together, the class settled on the Jezero Crater as the site for the colony and developed a masterplan consisting of thirteen distinct zones. Each group selected one zone … Read more

Mars Colony: Food and Energy Production

01 / SITE ANALYSIS OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES As a part of a team working on a project to establish a colony on Mars, and we’re focusing on developing a sustainable food system for our future home. In order to do this, we first analyzed the conditions on Mars, such as the maximum solar radiation, average … Read more

Collaborative Food and Energy Production on Mars

INTRODUCTION The project entails establishing a self-sustaining and productive colony on Mars through a collaborative effort among seven remote groups from across the world. The primary goal of the project is to develop a colony that can adapt to the harsh Martian environment and sustain itself over an extended period. To accomplish this feat, the … Read more


Program SPACE SYNTAX: The Idea of space syntax is to locate the programs using points and curves to establish connectivity among the programs which is then computed on grasshopper by the space syntax component to give optimized zoning based on CONTROL, DEPTH & INTEGRATIVE factors. REVIT DOCUMENTATION As a part of this seminar the Rhino models were … Read more


SPACE EXPLORATION Challenges on long space missions. If anything is going to fail. It is the human mind. To understand the effects of space on the human mind. We started looking at astronauts who embark on long space missions and how did it affect their psyche. To have a better mental health on Mars. It … Read more

Marscape Colony: Transportation Integrative Modelling

l STUDIO BRIEF The focus of this group was to design a space terminal on Mars. The scale of transportation can be global, regional and local. Space terminal falls into the global category with Terminal as a hub and launching/ landing pads as nodes. Masterplan: Following the hexagonal grid concept of the colony, A Main … Read more


INTRODUCTION The collaborative project at hand involved a remarkable feat: seven groups working together virtually to design a self-sustainable, adaptive, and productive colony on Mars. To achieve this goal, our team utilized an array of cutting-edge software programs and tools, with Spackle and Rhino inside Revit serving as the primary means of communication both within … Read more

Martian Playground // Integrative

Overview: Rhino.Inside as a Revit Workflow Integrating the flexibility of designing Grasshopper into the enclosed and precise environment of Revit is an extremely powerful workflow. Main Aspects Challenges Workflow Description Concept The project is located on Mars and as for the nature of the location the project is very unconventional. The purpose of our group … Read more

Martian Playground // Collaborative

Streamlining and empowering our teams with efficient collaboration and improved project outcomes using BIM workflows. As space exploration continues to advance, the concept of establishing a human presence on Mars is becoming increasingly feasible. However, with this ambition comes a multitude of challenges, including the design and construction of suitable habitats for astronauts to live … Read more

Unlocking the Potential of BIM and Immersive Reality: AEC Education Reimagined

VR ConDent: Maha-ElGewely l General Definitions BIM/AEC/Immersive Reality What is BIM? Building Information Modeling is a digital representation of a building’s physical and functional characteristics .A process that involves the creation and use of an informed 3D model to communicate efficiently the project decisions. What is AEC? Architecture, Engineering and Construction It is an acronym … Read more


Brief The Vessel in New York City and the Blox complex in Copenhagen are two examples of buildings and public spaces that faced backlash from the public due to a lack of consideration for their needs and expectations. Architects and developers often have a vision in mind for what they want to achieve, but it’s … Read more

Mine(Us) Plus: Collaborative Workflows

Project on Mars: Accommodation in Jezero Crater Our design is influenced by the relationship between the amount of energy required to dig underground vs. the amount of energy lost to heating a building above ground. The cold extreme environment on Mars is what makes building above ground a bad idea when stable temperatures are available … Read more

Decarbonization of Housing Stock in EU

Buildings are an intrinsic part of our lives, where we spend most of our time and unfold as human beings. However, through its different forms, the built environment is responsible for the majority of our energy consumption (around 40 %) and a primary source of greenhouse emissions GHG (around 36 %) (Anderson et al., 2015).  … Read more

Mission Critical Materials

If all architects and engineers saw the development of our projects as the aerospace industry does, we would begin to see many projects incredibly optimized for their use in structural, environmental, etc. Terms. In recent years we have experienced an increase in space exploration. Because technology has become more democratized, more simulations and experiments can … Read more