Wind Wave is a secondary facade system engineered in response to the escalating environmental demands faced by our planet. Climate change is resulting in an increase in heat waves, with some reaching lethal intensities. As global temperatures rise, reliance on air conditioning systems has surged. However, these systems exacerbate external environmental heating by expelling hot … Read more

Skin Sense

Skin Sense is a project that aims to help users optimize the thermal comfort of their interior spaces by applying skin shaders. Why implement this? What can skin sense help the user with? Once the designer designs the skin for the building facade it has to be analyzed for indoor comfort. To analyze indoor comfort … Read more


3d Component Classification tool

Abstract 3D-SOLIDS Component Classification tool utilizes machine learning to optimize the placement of essential 3D components such as walls, doors, windows, floors, and railings in residential floor plans. By analyzing spatial features and architectural attributes, it automates and enhances the design process, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and compliance with building standards. This tool aids architects and … Read more

MY PARKS : Predicting Miami City’s Parks Scores based on Amenities and Businesses

Miami Parks Prediction GraphML Project

Rethinking Urban Spaces Parks and green areas are critical in cities as they provide spaces for people to meet, interact, and find a social life. They contribute significantly to the mental and physical well-being of residents, offering a natural respite from the urban hustle. Project Summary: According to google reviews, the most important factor for … Read more


STATE OF THE ART ANALYSIS Using this set of aims, we evaluated various state of the art references, and extracted relevant information.


The proposed vision for Tempelhof is articulated as a ‘city within a city’ arranged along the two airstrips of the former airport, extending perpendicularly to emphasise a dual directionality. Buildings are conceived as flexible micro-communities built on organic/biodegradable materials, with the possibility of growing or ‘de-growing’ through time.The design strategy aims to trigger a need … Read more


“WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU HEAR THE WORDS:​ GENDER & BANGKOK? “ 1. BANGKOK’S SPECTRUM OF GENDER (INTRODUCTION)​ Historically, Thai society has grappled with rigid gender roles, which often saw Thai women facing significant challenges and being relegated to positions within the entertainment and sex industries. However, as Thai society … Read more


Context Inter Disciplinary In this project, we explore the intersection of digital nomadism, autonomous mobility, and AI-enabled sensing technology. Inspired by thinkers like Tsugio Makimoto, Pierluigi Coppola, and Tim Ferriss, we aim to create an autonomous living space that supports a mobile, remote work lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of digital nomadism, … Read more

ISO-COMFORT: A Generative AI Approach for Comfort in Sustainable Style

Blending Isometric Models with AI-Driven Design

GENERATIVE AI Abstract In today’s evolving architectural landscape, the convergence of technology and design offers unprecedented opportunities to enhance human well-being and promote sustainability. At the forefront of this innovation is ISO-COMFORT, a pioneering project that leverages Generative AI to create isometric models emphasizing thermal comfort and sustainable design. This blog post explores the development … Read more

Guidebook on Urban Degrowth

The Case of Tourism in Barcelona The “Guidebook on Urban Degrowth” explores applying degrowth principles in urban planning to promote social well-being and ecological equity in cities. This thesis develops guidelines to shift from high-consumption economic models to those that emphasize environmental balance and social equity. Focusing on Barcelona, it addresses the challenges of over-tourism, … Read more


Frist Research Mebolsim What is Metabolism? Building of Metabolsim Masterplan of Metabolism Comaprison, Masterplan Tokyo by Kenzo Tange vs Comptemporary Tokyo Comaprison1 Theory Comaprison2 City Plan Comparison3 Area plan Comparison4Building Comaprison Conclusion

Leibniz Reimagined A Journey Through Time and Thought.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

Bridging 17th Century Philosophy with Today’s AI and Technology. About Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was a German polymath active as a mathematician, philosopher, scientist and diplomat who invented calculus in addition to many other branches of mathematics and statistics. Wikipedia Born: July 1, 1646, Leipzig, Germany Died: November 14, 1716 (age 70 years), Hanover, Germany Influenced by: René Descartes, Baruch Spinoza, Aristotle, Plato · See more Influenced: Immanuel Kant, Georg … Read more


Abstract: The ReWeave project develops a robotic system to repurpose construction and demolition (C&D) waste into functional, attractive walls, enhancing human-robot collaboration. We created a database by scanning broken tiles to extract shape, size, and color information, then developed custom nesting algorithms to optimize tile arrangement. The workflow includes scanning tiles, exporting outlines via ROS, … Read more


The selected elements from my catalog serve as the foundation for this exploration, culminating in a volumetric design that integrates various features. Key characteristics include a facade excavation for natural airflow, an exposed staircase spanning the building’s length, and a core ‘fish bone’ structure, reminiscent of the Pedregulho Housing Complex, enclosed by a curtain glass … Read more


ChromaEnergon represents an innovative approach to student housing architecture that transcends conventional design paradigms tapping the potentials of climatic energy and thermochromic pigments. This concept leverages verticality, slenderness, and dispersed tower structures to create dynamic living environments. By strategically mapping energy into various spaces through the skin which the facade, ChromaEnergon aims to generate unique … Read more

The Rippled Facade

Optimizing the building skin inspired by Rippled droplets Meta balls as an isomorphic surfaces constructed as composite assemblages of the mutually infecting parametric objects with internal forces of mass and attraction.region of influence,which could be additive (positive) or subjective(negative)Isomorphic architecture(Bubble) Blobitecture , blobism and blobism are terms for a movement in architecture in which buildings … Read more


This project aims to study the current situation in the city of El Ejido, and create a proposal of a design that will respond to the social issues of the city. The majority of the land of this city is consisted of farming lands and greenhouses which are occupied by immigrants that are working there … Read more

Balloon Carnival

Create a personalized robot game where users can freely choose how they interact and the game mode. Methodology Workflow A path towards robotic gaming Game Rules How this game works 01 Training Mode Similar to the single-player mode, in this mode you can train your skills so that you can perform better in the next … Read more


2nd research, Comparison masterplan Tokyo by Kenzo Tange vs the existing Tokyo Why Tange Kenzo Tange, as you know, is one of the most famous architects in the world. He has left behind many architectural works in Japan and around the world, He is also an urbanist. In planning the master plan for Tokyo, he … Read more

Mars Ant Colony

Concept Our approach for the project was focused on the spiritual aspect of life on mars. We wanted to explore what does spirituality mean beyond survival for the individual, the group, the collective and beyond..? We started by the site selection. By positioning our project on a relatively flat portion of the designated construction region, … Read more