Allegory of the Cybernetic City

Can speculative science fiction ground us in reality? In an age where technology and urbanization shape the contours of our reality, the role of theory as a form of critique becomes ever more crucial. The consequences of centuries of colonization, globalization, and exploitation are evident in our sprawling cities and degraded environments. The 2017 sci-fi … Read more

Dystopia of Digital Dominance

“Blade Runner” is a poignant illustration of how urban landscapes could be transformed in a post-industrial world, shaped by technological dominance and environmental decay. Created within a society grappling with the implications of synthetic life and corporate control, the film vividly portrays a version of Los Angeles. Re-envisioned through the context of speculative theories about … Read more

Initiating the Process for a Carless City

The idea of a ‘car-free’ city is not as easy as just banning cars but about reducing car reliance. The private car has undeniably revolutionized mobility in the 21st century. It has offered convenience, job creation and an increased freedom of movement. While a world without cars might seem unimaginable, cities globally are strategically transitioning … Read more

The Hazy Unconfined Titan

Science Fiction is a literary genre known for creating future worlds that emerge as the consequence of today’s cultural and technological realities. It is in this worldbuilding -where societies, their functioning, and the dynamics that govern them are imagined- where Sci-Fi shows similarities to the disciplines of design and architecture. To explore the design possibilities … Read more

‘Blurred Lines & Towered Stories’

Finding stories in an ‘altered’ normal of a digitally blended reality. IIn “Ready Player One,” directed by Steven Spielberg, the OASIS Corporation controls a vast virtual reality universe that serves as the film’s central setting. This digital utopia offers an escape from a dystopian reality predominated by the prevalence of the emergent over stacking of … Read more

Post-Industrial Digitized Monster

Sterling, B (2015) imagined four fictitious scenarios of how future skyscrapers might be, differentially equalizing the state of technology and the economic-political climate: Future skyscraper 1: Huge, lopsided pyramid Future skyscraper 2: No-nonsense, mil-spec fortress Future skyscraper 3: Colossal, awkward tower Future skyscraper 4: Postindustrial, digitized monster In our last scenario, the Smart City has … Read more

For the Good of Babel

Skyscrapers are human achievements that require innovation in the extraction of land to tower over its neighbors. The third skyscraper future reflects the past imaginary of Fritz Lang’s, Metropolis. This visualization aims to highlight the economic disparities and labor oppression depicted in the film, contrasting them with the modern logics of rentism as embodied by … Read more

Colossal Skyscrapers and Utopian Visions through the Lens of ‘Metropolis’

In the realm of speculative urban design, the fusion of cyborg skyscrapers and utopian visions offers a captivating journey into the convergence of reality and imagination. Inspired by Fritz Lang’s timeless sci-fi masterpiece ‘Metropolis,’ I embark on a deep dive into the intricate relationship between design, urbanization, and speculative fiction. Metropolis, Fritz Lang (1927) “Metropolis” … Read more

Islands & Fortresses: the future of the Skyscraper?

“Blade Runner 2049” is a good example of how urban landscapes will be shaped differently in response to environmental collapse and societal stress. Designed by communities dominated by fear of losing their stability under an authoritarian social logic, the film features Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Reimagined as part of Bruce Sterling’s, What skyscrapers might … Read more

On how lopsided pyramids might emerge

“Ready Player One,” portrays a dystopian future where ‘people stopped to try to fix problems and instead try to outlive them’. The movie plays out in an informal urban landscape of juxtaposed favela-like settlements forming organic superstructures, as well as in a virtual environment supported by a virtual reality headset. These worlds exist in symbiosis, … Read more


Harmonising Coastal Futures, Restoring Balance in China’s Maritime , A Speculation of Communal Synergy in the context of Houtouwan THE PROBLEM // RESOURCE EXPLOITATION | OVER FISHING China’s over fishing crisis looms large, statistics revealing a stark reality of declining marine resources. With the majority of the worlds fishing resources coming from China, the country has … Read more


Abstract The escalating challenge of managing construction and demolition waste necessitates innovative approaches to enhance sustainability in the construction industry. This research proposes an automated robotic workflow leveraging Multi Agent Systems (MAS) and computer vision to repurpose planar construction waste materials, such as tiles, into new construction elements like bricks or walls. The primary objective … Read more

Urbanismo para la Paz

CAP01: INTRODUCCIÓN, CULTURA DE PAZ. Costa Rica es el primer país en abolir sus ejércitos y adoptar un Pacto para la Paz, la cual se basó principalmente en la nacionalización de la banca y algunos medios de producción, con los que se habilitó de músculo a un nuevo estado gestor Utilitarista en virtud de abolir … Read more

Vallvidrera Reservoire

Context Frogs as An Indicative Species: The Pelophylax Perezi frogs, native to the reservoir are an indicator of the ecosystem’s biodiversity, and require a permanent body of water to thrive. These amphibians traverse through ecotones and patches, evidently providing us an indication of a diverse ecosystem.  Why Frogs? Analysis Methodology Could we use the behaviours … Read more

Balloon Carnival

Create a personalized robot game where users can freely choose how they interact and the game mode. Methodology Workflow A path towards robotic gaming Game Rules How this game works 01 Training Mode Similar to the single-player mode, in this mode you can train your skills so that you can perform better in the next … Read more

Future Cities: Lahore – A Vision for 2050

Where is Lahore? Lahore, the capital city of the Punjab province in Pakistan, is a historic urban center known for its rich culture, vibrant life, and significant economic contributions. Situated near the eastern border with India, Lahore stands as a testament to centuries of evolution, from a small walled city to a sprawling metropolis. As … Read more

Uintah and Ouray Music and Performing Arts Center

SITE The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation DESIGN PROCESS Form Finding and Computational Elements FORM FINDING Massing FORM FINDING Perforations FORM FINDING Decorative Perforation – Spikes FORM FINDING Columns FORM FINDING Split Columns FORM FINDING Mezzanine FORM FINDING Interior Space SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION FINAL PROPOSAL FINAL FABRICATION FINAL RENDERS

Torrents of change

Introduction: Shorter & Sharper Events Imagine the persistent drumming of rain against your window. Not the comforting tapping of a spring shower, but a relentless torrent that seems to prolong for days. This isn’t science fiction, but a glimpse into the potential future of many Latin American cities. A staggering 40% of the region is … Read more

Theories of the Urban II

URBAN RESILIENCE : A dynamic governance framework for the Anthropocene, urban resilience combines ecological strategies with infrastructure safeguarding, embracing diverse, site-specific approaches to ensure cities withstand and adapt to crises, thereby maintaining their core identity and functions. URBAN FUTURES: Reimagining sustainable cities in the climate crisis era, grounded in today’s social realities and informed by … Read more