The Dawn of Everything” is a book that challenges the conventional narratives of human history and proposes an alternative way of seeing society development through a different perspective.

Based on archeologic research as testimony, the authors present evidence of alternative complex and egalitarian societies that existed prior to the emergence of states and markets. Through this evidence, it becomes evident that modern conventional civilization systems are the result of a hierarchical narrative developed from those people who were in a powerful role in past societies.

The authors argue that the popular view of human history as a linear progression from savagery to civilization is based on flawed assumptions and lacks empirical support. Instead, they propose a more nuanced and inclusive understanding of human social organization, which considers the diversity of human experience and the richness of pre-state societies.

In order to complement these thoughts, the authors criticize the way the Age of Enlightenment from the 17th century has shaped our human understanding and points out the European Critique as a non-western way to look and evaluate how modern societies have developed their way of organization.