URBAN RESILIENCE : A dynamic governance framework for the Anthropocene, urban resilience combines ecological strategies with infrastructure safeguarding, embracing diverse, site-specific approaches to ensure cities withstand and adapt to crises, thereby maintaining their core identity and functions.

URBAN FUTURES: Reimagining sustainable cities in the climate crisis era, grounded in today’s social realities and informed by the dynamics of power, space, and urbanization, highlighting the centrality of urban interventions in navigating towards viable urban futures.

MONEY ECONOMY: A transformative force in urban centres, the money economy reshapes social relations and values, prioritizing quantitative measures and impersonal exchange over qualitative uniqueness, thereby cultivating a universalized, indifferent metropolitan psyche.

PLACE-IDENTITY: A reflection on how tradition and modern commodification practices intertwine to shape and sometimes exploit our sense of belonging and identity through the spaces we occupy and the memories we value.

CYBORG FEMINISM: Feminism through the lens of cyborg existence, merging technology with gender to challenge and expand traditional identities. It promotes a flexible, inclusive approach to feminist theory, emphasizing the transformative influence of technological integration in understanding and advocating for gender equality.

XENOFEMINISM: A language that serves as a platform to challenge gendered biases in science and rational thought; counter to traditional feminism, it leverages technology to emancipate both humans and non-humans from pre-existing systems and to champion universal, gender-neutral discourse.