Ceramiquest draws inspiration from the ancient art of pottery, augmenting it with virtual reality technologies to create a platform that enables users to generate and modify pottery geometries in an immersive environment.

By digitizing this art form while retaining the manual generation process, Ceramiquest simplifies pottery-making and allows to 3D print your virtual creations with clay, creating a fusion between tradition and innovation it amplifies the possibilities for artistic expression in the digital age.

Ceramiquest welcomes a diverse range of audiences, offering an inclusive and accessible platform for all. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design.

Potential users:

Artists and Pottery enthusiasts: Ceramiquest provides a digital playground to unleash creativity without limitations.

Educators and Schools: it provides an engaging virtual environment where students can learn about artistic expression in an interactive and immersive way.

It is envisioned as a standalone application, purposefully developed to be used on VR/AR headsets, transporting users into a captivating environment that simulates the physicality and atmosphere of a futuristic pottery studio.

The user will interact with the hand controllers and draw curves as an design input. This three-dimensional curves will be lofted to create a mesh which the user can modulate by moving the points in the VR space. The overall workflow of the process is shown on the next diagram:

cC# workflow