The evolution of architecture over the last decades brought challenges on joint cooperation between architecture professionals. Digitalization of processes and introduction to interdisciplinary teams made this process specially challenging. This work sample is a demo of a collaborative workflow between 2 people inside one project, while this same project is a part of a bigger integrated network.

The objective of this sample is depicting the cooperation workflows between agents along the process of creation and detailing, while developing the project into BIMSC – – studio. The project brief consists in a martian colony generated for 50 people and able to expand until 300 people, and it’s preestablished functions. The introduction stage consists in a joint research phase and outline of a master plan, that stage involves 7 groups directly.

Development phases
Resumed environmental conditions
Terrain (chosen in common agreement)
Joint master plan outline and designated areas

The preliminary conceptual design relies on the main constraint found at research phase, such as exposure to extreme environment with temperatures reaching -120 degrees Celsius, technological constraints of machinery and 3d printing (considering a maximum overhang of 30 degrees) and the designated area of intervention. The crossing of those constraints withing the thematic of a spiritual center and the idea of generating a space to relieve the mind in such a hostile environment lead to the main conceptuality.

Constraints generating the experimental shape: axial connection, maximum overhang and conceptual intentions
Design options analyzed in environmental and structural behavior

The elements depicted below are rooted in 3 conceptual pillars found in beliefs: water, nature and gravity simulation

Water was implemented through the exploration of a 3d printed ice shells, nature and gravity through the centrifugal structure simulating an earth like environment.

The general workflow below refers to the general outline of all 7 clusters been developed at the same time in order to generate the colony.

Collaborative process:

The general detailed workflow outlines the inner process within the teams developing the spiritual center, while connecting to other teams. Collaborative processes are mostly realized through speckle and stored in a CDE though IFC files at the end of each phase in this specific workflow sample (original files are also stored).

Conceptual phase and generation of elements. The step represented by a loop means a review and remodeling based on detected clashing or incompatibility are the geometry check, where the outcomes reloop to the initial design stages
The conceptual phase, connecting to other design groups for crucial information exchange and the alignment review generating the first joint stream of geometry for a preliminary review at BIMSC – studio
The development phase depicted in workflow and preliminary documentation and spacial construction of the project
The detailing phase depicted in workflow and its assembly and automation processes
The webbot step consists in automating the separation, layover and tagging of pieces for 3d printing in parts of the building which have several elements.
Federation phase in 2 steps: local, generating a detailed project locally federated and general generating a joint federated model, reuniting all 7 projects forming the colony

APP Proposal

We want to explore a plugin for Speckle. It will be:

  • 3D roaming model/ First-person perspective
  • Add a rigid body to the model to simulate the rules of the real world, so that it will not pass through the model when roaming.
  • For non-professionals: Provides a more realistic and intuitive way to review projects.
  • There is potential to further develop the VR interactive cooperation platform in the future.

The coordinates placed by team members can be recorded and made public, and other members can quickly locate and zoom in to the same location. Add comments here to exchange opinions on this space point.

APP Proposal_3D roaming

And we hope to explore more advanced application like “Urban street view roaming mode”.

“Interactive selection of interior furniture”