This project aimed to visually narrate the EndSars protest movement that unfolded in Nigeria from October 8th to 20th, 2020. This movement emerged as a powerful response to the acts of violence perpetrated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a specialized unit of the Nigerian Police Force established in 1992 to combat crime (Amnesty International, 2020).

Despite a long history of oppression and violent acts by this unit, the catalyst for the protests came on October 4th with a tragic incident in Ughelli, Delta State. This spurred the demonstrators to hit the streets nationwide on October 8, to advocate for justice and change(Iwuoha & Aniche, 2021).

Utilizing the power of social media, four major hashtags—#EndSARS, #EndCorruption, #EndBadGovernance, and #EndInsecurity—became the virtual rallying points. These hashtags not only organized protest locations daily but also served as a vital means to garner support, be it financial or otherwise(Iwuoha & Aniche, 2021).

source : author 2023

The map serves three key purposes:

Spotlighting Protest Locations: It map highlights four states – Lagos State , Oyo State, Rivers State, Edo State – and the Federal capital Territory (FCT) where resistance to the movement was particularly strong.

Lagos: The Epicenter: In the second map, Lagos state takes center stage as the various protest locations are highlighted, to illustrate the proximity between these gathering points and adjacent police stations.

Tweet statistics: Here, the relative number of tweets and retweets by activists who played a pivotal role in the movement’s organisation are shown, organised by the four main hashtags.


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