Using  two primary sensors and  actuators, a flood control system could be composed. The  project’s intentions is to use water levels rising towards an ultrasonic sensor in order to initiate a servo motor that would essentially redirect water towards the soil moisture sensor thus activate a visual output ( a warning per se) through an LED if certain values are surpassed…


Bill of Materials

  • A: Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • B: Soil moisture sensor
  • C: Breadboard
  • D: Arduino Uno R3
  • E: 220 OHM resistor
  • F:Servo Motor (positional)
  • G:LED (red)



Final performance

Prototype Video

Next steps

An automated flood barrier and warning system can be created using the methodologies explored above. As exemplified by the MOSE project  ( a flood barrier system designed  to protect Venice from extreme floods); a similar technique could be applied within areas that are negatively affected by unanticipated water levels.

source:  Venice’s Mose flood barrier