This project was developed in the Computational Design Seminar with the goal of proposing a new installation for the roof of IAAC’s main building using parametric design through Grasshopper and Kangaroo components. The resulting structure aims to improve the quality of the open area, adding shade, light, and shadow effects and creating a base for creeper plants to grow. New sitting areas were proposed to create spaces for social interaction, studying, and relaxing during the breaks.

1. For the base geometry, a grid was created using the lines from the openings of the building and It was divided in 3 main modules

2. Then a set of behaviors were defined in order to create the form

3. Visualization of form finding through Kangaroo

4. Visualization of variations

Catalog of variations

5. Visualization of transformation // base mesh

6. Planarization

7. Fabrication

8. Visualization of transformation // fabrication

9. Final model

Panels for laser cutting