A Pavilion for Plaza del Pi

The “GumP-avilion” is an urban feature tailored for Plaza del Pi in Barcelona. Situated centrally, it graces the elevation near the “Cathedral of Santa Maria del Pi” and is strategically connected to significant landmarks like “La Rambla” and “Plaza de Sant Josep Oriol” in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. Despite being surrounded by major attractions of the city of Barcelona, the Plaza del Pi remains uncharted, like a blank canvas.

Our proposal envisions to enrich the spatial experience of this Plaza, by introducing a Pavilion that organizes the circulation, and enhances the way a passenger can interact with the design built. Inspired by the concept of bubblegum, the pavilion boasts parametric design alterations.

In one variation of it, the pavilion aligns seamlessly with the ground plan at the side of the cathedral, while it lifts up in height to create a pedestrian passage on the other side of it. To create an opportunity for the passersby’s to experience the pavilion both in its inside and outside.