A virtual reality (VR) experience, Jasper’s Diner immerses users in a lively and unpredictable diner environment, where every interaction impacts the world around them. Our everyday choices, specifically food consumption, have significant environmental consequences.

The purpose of our VR experience is to show users in a funny and ridiculous way how meat consumption contributes to 11-20% of greenhouse gas emissions and extensive deforestation. In Jasper’s Diner, users are encouraged to consider more sustainable eating habits through engaging and interactive scenarios, emphasizing that individual actions can collectively make a difference.


Through the Meta Quest headset, users interact with the VR environment, which communicates with Unreal Engine 5 to render and manage virtual scenes. An interactive VR experience is created by integrating various technologies. In Unreal Engine, specific events or scenes can be triggered by pressing the Adafruit Feather button. Our setup allows us to blend virtual and physical interactions, enhancing the immersive experience and enabling real-time responses.

Scene Building

Using a BIM modeling program, we created the scene and imported it into Unreal Engine using the Datasmith plugin, where we added lights, textures, and verified that the settings were suitable for virtual reality.


Data Flow

VR Experience