Instead of just creating renders or a virtual tours, This app is a creative way for clients, architects, and contractors to interact and be part of the the design process. The use of computational design and digital fabrication by architects and builders today is vital to the exploration and construction of ideas and projects. However, when we try to convey these ideas to the clients or the men working on site, we discover that not everyone has access to computational design tools.

The app’s goal is to bridge the gap between the designer, client, and general contractor by segmenting panels for facades. The use of Machine Learning, in particular unsupervised machine learning, is helping us to cluster panels for standardization, resource optimization and fabrication.

The sliders enable the user to create a much more dense panelization of free form geometry and cluster them into families for further standardization. In addition, the app shows you the area of families and the number of panels analyzed. A user can use this tool to calculate how many panels are needed to build a facade and how to subdivide a geometry.

Eventually, this app will have an uploader feature that allows the user to subdivide their own geometry and give more control to him. Additionally, the user will be able to select the type of subdivision (square, triangular, or rectangular).