Types of Light

One of the best methods to enhance the atmosphere of our living spaces is plantation. However, indoor plantation requires some attention. One major key point that we are focusing in our app is the amount of light, and the type of light that the space receives.

When we examine our spaces with this perspective, knowing which plant needs what amount of light, we will have the opportunity to plant consciously, and our plants will grow and blossom. Next, we will have fancier indoor spaces with leaves and flowers.

App Tutorial

As indicated in the UI, the app works in three steps, each explained in the input section on the left.


Step 1: User enters a .3dm file of their room. This is a basic polysurface, having the walls and floors as the surfaces and the windows as openings on the surface. No thickness is needed.

Step 2: The altitude and azimuth values of the sun are entered using the slider input. These values, which are simply the vertical and horizontal angles of sunlight, can be easily found on the web, for a specific location and a specific time. In this case, the values should be for the day time hours, preferably between 8.00 – 10.00, or 14.00 – 16.00.

Step 3: At this step, the user selects where they want to place their plant, using a gumball that is movable only in X and Y directions, aligned to the base surface.


At the bottom right, the metadata box is displayed. In the box, the type of light for the specific point in the uploaded room can be viewed. Next to it, the most ideal thhree types of plants for this lights are displayed for the user.