The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Bioclimatic considerations for architectural strategies

This project depicts a study case considering a series of climatic aspects relevant for architectural strategies. This analysis occur in a subtropical humid zone located in Porto Alegre, extreme south Brazil, comprehending extreme temperatures and constant high humidity, the insertion of architecture in this climatic zones has to respect its natural constraints and be sensible … Read more

Damascus sun strategies

Taking this city as case study, I implemented multiple climatic analysis tools in combination with a sensible assessment of results in order to achieve the best environmental performance of the site. As first approach, diagrams of climate factors were collected to compare them to west Europe conditions. Damascus {33°30’42.6″N 36°18’18.7″E} Köppen-Geiger: cool arid climate (BWk)Weather last … Read more