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THESIS STATEMENT The objective of this thesis is to investigate the use of sawdust based biocomposite materials in the additive manufacturing of interlocking bricks. EcoBrickscape aims to develop a workflow that facilitates the generation of customizable shapes and infill designs that are optimal for interlocking and aggregating, enabling efficient fabrication and assembly. The study also … Read more


The AEC industry consumes 40% of global energy and emits 33% of greenhouse gases, which contributes heavily to climate change. Additionally, by the year 2050, the population will grow up to 10 billion people of whom the two-thirds are going to be living in cities. Which means a lot more building will need to be … Read more

Digital Heritage

In the past years, the number of 3D Concrete Printed projects has been increasing exponentially. Even though it is becoming an important part of the construction industry, large-scale 3D-printed buildings have shown a lack of aesthetics, as flat walls are normally used, and sometimes even plastered. On the other hand, small-scale printed projects have shown … Read more

Beyond Corals

The world’s coral reefs face significant threats due to rising ocean temperatures. They play a critical role in supporting biodiversity, providing habitats for marine species, and acting as natural barriers against storms and erosion. However, coral bleaching caused by the rising ocean temperatures are causing substantial risks to their survival. Efforts to address these challenges … Read more

ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Abstract Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more


Posidonia Oceanica: The Aquatic Seagrass Species Posidonia oceanica is a species of aquatic seagrass that belongs to the Posidoniaceae family. It possesses roots, a rhizomatous stem, and ribbon-like leaves, resembling those of terrestrial plants. These features allow it to anchor itself to the seabed and spread horizontally, forming extensive meadows in the Mediterranean Sea. These … Read more


As the world continues to develop rapidly, the problem of noise pollution, especially in metropolitan cities, cannot be eliminated. Not only outside but also inside the old houses. “Corteza” is an experimental design proposal to tackle the noise pollution problem inside Barcelona’s buildings with 3d printed natural cork furniture.  What is noise pollution? And what … Read more


A city inside a building; The project articulates an extra-extra large architectural typology that extends beyond the conventional scale of a singular building and aims at becoming a self-enclosed urban form. Mobilizing Buckminster Fuller’s ‘tensegrity’ structural logic, this megastructure accommodates a complexassemblage of typologies, functions, and forms within its differentiated envelope-a geometrically and materially optimized … Read more

Kniphofia Community Amphitheater

Manifesto “ This proposal aims to envision and promote the establishment of inclusive public spaces in these densely inhabited regions where leisure opportunities are presently limited in Cape Town, our proposition strives to embrace and empower these marginalized communities, cultivating a sense of belonging and furnishing public spaces for recreation and social cohesion.” Location Territorial … Read more

Corteza // Pitch Deck

Introducing Corteza, the innovative solution to noise problems in buildings. Corteza is a line of 3D-printed cork furniture designed to reduce indoor noise levels. Traditional sound-absorbing materials can be unattractive and bulky, but with Corteza, you can have both form and function. The unique texture and design of cork make it an ideal material for … Read more

Beyond Corals

The recent climate changes are affecting key elements of our ecosystem such as tropical forest, deserts, and coral reefs. Corals are living organisms, closely related to jellyfish that live in colonies. The size of those colonies can vary, the largest coral reef to date, the great barrier is estimated to stretch over 2300 kilometers. There … Read more

| RE.Print (Term 02)

for the previous term work refer : |Global Scenario The building system was was fragmented to 3 systems, each with a unique purpose.  Module A-the wall ensemble: focused on creating a modular wall system that would reduce dead load and offer versatile functionality. Module B-the column ensemble: was designed to utilize the material’s compressive … Read more

Digital Heritage

Additive Manufacturing is the technology that builds 3D objects by adding layers of material on top of each other, whether the is clay, plastic, concrete etc. through various types of robotic technologies. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the additive manufacturing with concrete as it has shown potential advantages in comparison … Read more


Context # Noise Pollution Noise pollution is considered to be any unwanted or disturbing sound that affects the health and well-being of humans and other organisms. And World Health Organization considers decibels over 65 dB noise pollution. Noise pollution is affecting everyone. For some people, its just an annoyance, but for others, it’s a serious … Read more


In the field of architecture, verticality is often considered the ultimate achievement, the culmination of various attempts, experiments, conceptual speculations, and styles. Architects such as Yona friedman, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Cook have investigated this concept resulting in questionable outcomes. Our analysis explores their work, examining its pure geometry with speculative experimentation. This concept is exemplified … Read more