The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



THESIS STATEMENT The objective of this thesis is to investigate the use of sawdust based biocomposite materials in the additive manufacturing of interlocking bricks. EcoBrickscape aims to develop a workflow that facilitates the generation of customizable shapes and infill designs that are optimal for interlocking and aggregating, enabling efficient fabrication and assembly. The study also … Read more

HIVE :  A Paradigm Shift in Homelessness Solutions

Zack Eisenberg Advanced Manufacturing Hive: A Paradigm Shift in Homelessness Solutions” is an in-depth investigation into innovative approaches to combat homelessness, leveraging my specialization in Housing for the Homeless and the nuanced analysis of historical data. As the homelessness crisis amplifies, Hive offers an empathetic and practical solution. Its uniqueness lies in transcending the conventional … Read more

Procedural Morphologies

Leveraging the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for Application on Layered Quadrilateral Meshes Abstract Procedural Morphologies is a novel computational design workflow in the field of discrete design. It leverages the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for application on any quadrilateral mesh. Thus a coherent three-dimensional aggregation solution can be generated for any quad mesh using a … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more

ARCHIBUDDY – The World Is Your Friend

Introduction Archibuddy is a unique and innovative project that aims to create adaptive architectural elements to make environments emotion-responsive. Archibuddy will leverage the latest technologies to provide personalized experiences to users, optimizing their well-being and productivity using Emotion Detection Technology and the Algorithmic workflow that was developed over the course of the Master’s Research Thesis … Read more


“ARchSemble Welcomes you to the world of AR in Fabrication” ARchSemble is an Augmented Reality assisted application to help you build an architectural element or an entire structure.Assembly and reconfiguration of modules in the desired form,as per user requirement, with information and specifications of themodules can be achieved with the help of the application.All we … Read more

Beyond Verticality

An Exquisite Corpse Report on Urban Form ABSTRACT IntroductionWith our work in this term we produced a multitude of drawings and images, watched and analyzed multiple movies, read multiple texts and came up with iterations and speculations. The common through line of all of these was the exploration of the nature of beyond-vertical forms of … Read more


Can the use of active bending in wood in combination with a tensioning system increase the structural stiffness of a multilayered double curved skin while also acting as an alternative assembly system? context_wood construction context_active bending context_behavior based geometry state of art_ analysis state of art_conclusions design_characteristics future steps

The Cultural Canvas

An art and community center designed to foster artistic and cultural activities in a community, through a geometrically evolved design that integrates with the surrounding environment. It serves as a hub for creative expression, social and cultural exchange, providing space for exhibitions, performances, workshops, and community events. The center’s architecture combines functionality with artistic expression, creating a space … Read more


A critical, speculative graphic essay in three steps Chapter 01: Critical Analysis A critical analysis of case studies through the lens of Kiel Moe’s ‘A Case for a More Literal Architecture.’ This project seeks to critically deconstruct the element of abstraction on an urban scale through an analysis of readings from Kiel Moe’s “A Case … Read more


Balances Structures uses the ABB robot to develop a column through a pick-and-place strategy. Pushing robotic precision to its limits and minimizing human error, this project showcases how a structure in a state of delicate balance can be produced. The balance of the column was showcased not only through the placement of the structure on … Read more


DESIgn for REassembly “Design for Dis- and Re-assembly; From a column at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to inhabitable space Valldaura, to…?” Our aim for the course is to design 4 columns for the World Mobile Congress, which then will be reassembled and transformed into roofs, walls, and foundations for a small construction in … Read more

Digital Deconstruct

Algorithmic Design II – Term 1 Standardizing a kit of parts within a local neighborhood has potential to encourage a circular system of material exchange and allow for deconstruction of buildings rather than demolition. This research aims to design a discrete modelling framework focused on generating spaces that can be assembled and disassembled into various … Read more

Ultrasonic Opening Mechanism

Concept This project has been inspired by the mechanism of Automatic Doors. Automatic doors respond to the movement in front of the activation sensors which opens and closes the door. This mechanism has been replicated in this Arduino project with the help of an Ultrasonic Sonic Sensor and Servo Motor. The LEDs have been used … Read more

Interactive Lights 

Concept The aim of the project is to develop as lighting system that will be responsive and interactive to its surrounding people’s movements. And to make that happen, I have used the ultrasonic sensor as a proximity sensor to measure the distance of people and their movements. As a next step of this project, we … Read more


Adaptive facade

CONCEPT The system consists in creating a facade that moves according to the sunlight. The components of the facade turn with the effect of a motor that is activated according to the environment. An example of an application would be a building in the shape of a bar, having wider sides with east and west … Read more