The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



The AEC industry consumes 40% of global energy and emits 33% of greenhouse gases, which contributes heavily to climate change. Additionally, by the year 2050, the population will grow up to 10 billion people of whom the two-thirds are going to be living in cities. Which means a lot more building will need to be … Read more

Beyond Corals

The world’s coral reefs face significant threats due to rising ocean temperatures. They play a critical role in supporting biodiversity, providing habitats for marine species, and acting as natural barriers against storms and erosion. However, coral bleaching caused by the rising ocean temperatures are causing substantial risks to their survival. Efforts to address these challenges … Read more


However, particulate matters are an important source of nutrient for the vegetation in the urban environment. Particulate matters are a vital nutrient for vegetation in our urban environment, and thus a key part of our ecosystem.  The ecosystem we inhabit is formed through complex networks between all the particles; the design approach for the urban … Read more


ThermoVision is a predictive tool that leverages machine learning to gauge thermal comfort in urban landscapes, allowing us to understand the correlation between our built environment and the thermal comfort. There is inconsistent outdoor thermal comfort due to varied building topologies, building materials and vegetation. Understanding the thermal landscapes is challenging due to their complexity. … Read more


Waterpixels is a project challenging the traditional approach towards urban futures. It is a project located in Lynetteholm, Copenhagen. Taking into consideration the urban strategies and site analysis the project pertains to the current requirements of a storm barrier in Copenhagen. The following sheets show the process leading to the project. The followings sheets show … Read more

Δίας 365

Phenomena analyzed: Lightning From the mythological Prometheus until the middle of the 18th century, the phenomenon of lightning remained an unsolved riddle. In 1749 Benjamin Franklin detailed in his diary the resemblance between an electric spark and lightning: both emit light of the same color, and both have a winding trajectory and rapid motion. Both … Read more

UrbanCork: Paving Green Futures

At UrbanCork, we are a passionate team of four young individuals from Barcelona and Stuttgart, united by a shared vision of creating sustainable solutions for urban environments. We are committed to transforming cities into more liveable, eco-friendly spaces from car-centric to people-friendly cities.  Our focus is on developing innovative cork tiles that not only enhance … Read more

Planterra : A Modular Vertical Plant System

🌿 Planterra: Elevating Wellbeing Through Effortless Greenery Solutions! 🌱💼  Planterra is a startup revolutionizing the way offices embrace the power of greenery. With a focus on raising wellbeing, Planterra offers innovative solutions that bring the beauty of nature into the workplace with minimal effort and maximum impact. 🌿🏢  What we offer: 🌱 Effortless Greenery Solutions, … Read more


What behaviour in our daily life cause energy waste. The sun that comes into the home is harsh and hot, drawing the curtains makes the room dark, which then requires light to be turned on in the day, wasting energy. Typical Solar Panels are Deterrent to User Deployment. Normally it is Large, bulky and installed on roofs and … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Project Manifesto The project explores three main topics that represent a global concern within the present times: growing population, climate crisis and food production. Following these concepts, the main intervention is based on designing a city of the future, located in the actual site of Copenhagen’s North Harbor. In the past 10 years, the population … Read more

Corteza // Pitch Deck

Introducing Corteza, the innovative solution to noise problems in buildings. Corteza is a line of 3D-printed cork furniture designed to reduce indoor noise levels. Traditional sound-absorbing materials can be unattractive and bulky, but with Corteza, you can have both form and function. The unique texture and design of cork make it an ideal material for … Read more


Causal loop diagrams is tool that is used to tell stories about the complex issues within the fast fashion industry. By identifying the interrelationships within the system’s structure, these diagrams helps to understand the impacts and trade-offs associated with different factors. The resulting visual representation then is used to effectively communicate this understanding and facilitate … Read more


Picture this: Its sunday morning and you are taking a shower after a long saturday night. You have the water running, still trying to wake up from the night before then Crash! You are now having a mini panic attack, scrambling to get the soap out of your eyes and turn off the water all … Read more



Beyond Corals

The recent climate changes are affecting key elements of our ecosystem such as tropical forest, deserts, and coral reefs. Corals are living organisms, closely related to jellyfish that live in colonies. The size of those colonies can vary, the largest coral reef to date, the great barrier is estimated to stretch over 2300 kilometers. There … Read more


AIR COMFORT The air comfort depends on the gases and particulate matters in the air. The gases consist of nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and ozone. As well as the gases there are particulate matters in air which are categorised depending on their diameter. The main categories are the PM2.5 and PM10. In 2021 WHO … Read more


In the field of architecture, verticality is often considered the ultimate achievement, the culmination of various attempts, experiments, conceptual speculations, and styles. Architects such as Yona friedman, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Cook have investigated this concept resulting in questionable outcomes. Our analysis explores their work, examining its pure geometry with speculative experimentation. This concept is exemplified … Read more

Design with Nature – Ian McHarg

Design with Nature by Ian McHarg is a seminal book published in 1969 that revolutionized the field of landscape architecture and urban planning. The book argues that the natural environment should be the primary consideration in any design process, and that the best designs are those that work with, rather than against, nature. McHarg begins … Read more