The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Material stories : Timber

This is an exploration of the material impact of the timber industry compared to our personal studio project re(al)form. Environmental impact phases Which lifecycle phases of our project set us apart from the traditional timber industry? Tackled issues Transportation and manufacturing Summing up – where do we stand?


A Workflow to Repurpose Tree Forks Hand fabrication or Japanese joineries have high customization and are very precise when done by a professional. This method’s drawbacks include the intense physical labor required and the amount of time it takes to master the craft. CNC Milling machines range from 3 to 5 axis and are a … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more


Posidonia Oceanica: The Aquatic Seagrass Species Posidonia oceanica is a species of aquatic seagrass that belongs to the Posidoniaceae family. It possesses roots, a rhizomatous stem, and ribbon-like leaves, resembling those of terrestrial plants. These features allow it to anchor itself to the seabed and spread horizontally, forming extensive meadows in the Mediterranean Sea. These … Read more

Mangrove TermVillage

A Dynamic AquaTherm Mangrove Community A dynamic model of hospitality in the coastal area of ​​Colonia de St. Jordi in Mallorca, Punta del Tort, where temperatures ranging from -2 to 38.4 degrees, strong winds, and intense sun, shape the environment. Embracing the concept of thermal experiences, the AquaTherm Mangrove connects guests with the natural environment … Read more

Waves Genetic Optimization

The architectural project aims to create a captivating and engaging experience for visitors, allowing them to explore thefascinating generation and interaction of waves. Inspired by the dynamic energy and graceful movement of water, the designfocuses on crafting a space that immerses visitors in the midst of a wave, offering them a truly unforgettable encounter. The … Read more

Digital Woodcraft

Location Site Synthesis of ideas Final proposal was based on the ideas of the group projects from previous semester. The task was to identify key elements of each design and combine them in project. Design proposal Fabrication Connection to the rocks Base beam and supports base beam base beam elements supports Sitting area Side beams … Read more

DESIRE – DESIgn for REassembly

Abstract The project’s purpose is to design two different proposals where bricks and timber if cross-section 45mmx90mm are used as materials for both constructions. A study of fabrication process, creating connections and ways of assembly-disassembly structures. Proposal A CONCEPTBrick and Timber Concept Design – V3 Digital Exploration Design objective: Use the same amount of material … Read more

Made By You

The Problem According to the World Bank, approximately 68% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa resides in urban areas. Similarly the International Finance Corporation (IFC) highlights the concentration of furniture imports in urban areas, causing a surge in furniture prices. For locally fabricated furniture, high production costs and inefficient supply chains contribute to expensive furniture … Read more

Wire Wonders

wire wonders

WELCOME TO THE WIRE WONDERS MANUAL! We are excited to have you onboard, we will help you to fabricate a lamp with the help of augmented reality. This technology will allow you to overlap digital information into physical spaces, making it easy to visualize and analyze the steps to follow the fabrication process. To get … Read more

Digital woodcraft

Exploring the unique properties of timber and the fabrication methods associated with it, enabling us to work with complex geometries and find appropriate strategies to realize them. We started out looking at different situations to apply our geometry and potentially make a gapahuk (a building made of wooden materials, originally intended for emergency accommodation), forest … Read more

Timber Pergola

Exploring the Strength and Beauty of Wood Joinery The Timber Pergola project is a study of timber joineries, which explores the use of linear and square shapes with 90-degree angles in the horizontal direction and a 12-degree joint to create a tension structure in the vertical direction. The project is inspired by the Forests of … Read more

Possibilities of Reciprocal Timber Structures in the Formation of Space

Possibilities of Reciprocal Timber Structures in the Formation of Space is a project that aimed to explore the potential of using reciprocal timber structures to create innovative and functional spaces. The projects main goal is to leverage both traditional artisanal technologies and modern digital tools to create structures that combine beauty, functionality and sustainability. The … Read more

ALGOSurfboards: how design drives performance

Over the last decade, the surf industry has been rapidly expanding, as an increasing number of people worldwide are embracing the sport. However, despite the rising demand, traditional surfboard design approaches have yet to fully embrace the potential of tailored equipment that takes into account the unique needs and preferences of individual surfers. As a … Read more


DESIgn for REassembly “Design for Dis- and Re-assembly; From a column at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to inhabitable space Valldaura, to…?” Our aim for the course is to design 4 columns for the World Mobile Congress, which then will be reassembled and transformed into roofs, walls, and foundations for a small construction in … Read more


Noise Pollution What is noise pollution? And what are the effects of noise pollution?  Noise pollution is considered to be any unwanted or disturbing sound that affects the health and well-being of humans and other organisms. And World Health Organization considers decibels over 65 dB noise pollution. Noise pollution is affecting everyone. For some people, … Read more


Re-thinking the facade of Hotel Casa Fuster – By Lluís Domènech i Montaner The aim of the project is to develop a responsive, interactive and performative facade for Hotel Casa Fuster, thus creating an Oasis of biophilic and self-sustained architecture in the middle of the cityscape. The vision is to design a facade which uses … Read more

Digital Fabrication – Testing & Prototyping

During the 3-week course of the Digital Fabrication course, we tested and investigated the opportunities and limitations that the latest fabrication methodologies provide in terms of design and fabrication. In this regard, we tested different materials and machines using CNC Milling, Laser Cutting and 3D Printing strategies. CNC Milling For the CNC Milling testing and … Read more

Introduction to Digital Fabrication

The introductory Digital Fabrication course proposed a three-week program of how to use three manufacturing methods- 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling in order to understand the correlation between computer data and machine based fabrications. The intensive course dealt with research and study of each of the 3 techniques and led to detailed explorations … Read more

Slicing, Smoothing and Precision

Over the past three weeks, we took the Digital Fabrication introductory course through which we developed a foundational understanding of production techniques such as 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting. In each section, we explored the capabilities and limitations of the manufacturing processes through test prototypes before finalizing the geometries. 3D PRINT_Angle Slicing In … Read more

Digital ways of Fabrication

Abstract The introductory course on Digital Fabrication proposes exploring new production techniques through the relationship between computer data and machine-oriented fabrication. The final purpose was to acclimatize with the three most common digital fabrication processes:  CNC milling, Laser Cutting, and 3D Printing.Our personal exploration of these techniques is here disclosed with these three models, which … Read more

Fabricating with Parameters

During the Introduction to Digital Fabrication course, we aimed to understand the methods of programming 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Laser Cutting machines. To learn the fundamentals of digital fabrication process, we had a certain amount of time for each method. Within the scope of the task, we wanted to get a grip on the … Read more

From Pattern to Modular Solutions

In order to familiarize and introduce us to different types of machinery tools and techniques, our studio was divided to three weeks of learning and exploring different machines related to different forms of digital fabrication. Each week we learned how to design and execute our model on different software related to the fabrication typology. This … Read more