The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



Reimagining a Human Settlement on the Red Planet Envisioning a self-sustained colony on Mars, our primary focus is on revolutionizing transportation within the red planet. Sustainability is our guiding principle as we design an efficient transportation system that seamlessly connects habitats across various clusters. Incorporating Tensegrity moving parts, Inflatable lightweight structures, and a Hexagonal Grid framework, our approach embraces a Kit-Of-Part methodology. Following … Read more


A global survey was attempted – by the United Nations – an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. As many as 1.6 billion people lacked adequate housing (Habitat, 2015). In 2021, the World Economic Forum reported that 150 million people were homeless worldwide. SOURCE  Homelessness by Country 2024 ( “How can we address the … Read more


Energy Phenomena In the machine room model, Convection serves as the primary mechanism for transferring heat from the hot plate to the tubes containing thermochromic fluids. This convective process affects the temperature of the thermochromic liquid within the tubes, which in turn changes the chroma i.e, color intensity of the room, thereby influencing the circadian … Read more


Integrating Radiation Shielding for a Safe and Sustainable Urban Environment Radiation is a threat in many industries, from space exploration to medical imaging. Effective design must take into account the unique challenges presented by radiation. MASTER IN ADVANCED COMPUTATION FOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN  2023/2024 Faculty: ARETI MARKOPOULOU & NIKOL KIROVA STUDENT : Darkhan Kadirov   

Quartz growth

Crystallization. What is it? Crystallization is a process in which a solid material forms from a liquid or gas phase, resulting in the arrangement of atoms or molecules in a highly ordered, three-dimensional structure known as a crystal lattice. This process is driven by changes in temperature, pressure, or the concentration of solute in a … Read more

Assembled Architecture

GROUP 2 ASSEMBLAGE 1 – Components design Component A Component B Component C 2 – Custom assemblage method Component A Component B Component C 3 – Custom evaluation criteria 4 – Building the dataset Component A Component B Component C Assemblage comparison Component A Component B Component C 5 – Assemblage selection 6 – Architectural … Read more


Non planar 3D printing cork based biomaterial CORK.CATENATION employs the novel methodology of non-planar 3d printing using Cork as the bio-material. The final outcome is a connection of interconnected lattice structures- broken down into modules that can be assembled to form a building skin that can morph according to the surface topology and solar radiation results.

Swarm Intelligence

This project explores the application of swarm intelligence in simulating fish behavior evading predators. Utilizing computational algorithms inspired by natural swarms, the simulation aims to mimic the collective movement patterns of fish, optimizing their escape routes. By implementing principles such as repulsion, alignment, and cohesion, the model simulates the coordinated response of a fish swarm … Read more


Introduction to Neumatic Colloids Nematic colloids are materials with perpendicular surface anchoring embedded in planar nematic liquid crystal (NLC) cells. Topological defects, such as point defects and disclination lines, are a necessary consequence of broken symmetry in the system. In nematic liquid crystals (NLCs), defects manifest as isolated points and disclination lines, which can form … Read more


The project aims to simlulate & understand the behaviour behind the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis. It is an attempt to explore magnetic fields within a domain of charges, strength & decay. The project develops further into simulating the phenomena via means of particle behavior in the Earth’s Atmosphere, dissipating a gradient of colors as … Read more


Fluid dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that studies the motion and behavior of fluids, which include liquids and gases. It focuses on understanding how fluids respond to different forces, pressures, and environmental conditions. This field is fundamental to various scientific and engineering applications, ranging from the study of natural phenomena like atmospheric and … Read more

Golden Gusts

What is the Golden Ratio? The Golden Ratio is a relationship between two numbers that are next to each other in the Fibonacci sequence. When you divide the larger one by the smaller one, the answer is something close to Phi. The further you go along the Fibonacci Sequence, the closer the answers get to … Read more


circulatory system Chemical Equation Flow & Diffusion(Peclet number formula) Flow Simulation Coral Section Diffusion Simulation Growth Monitor wave Simulation Influence of Waves others Influence factors(Next step) The survival of corals is currently influenced and challenged by various factors, leading to the gradual disappearance of this ancient ecosystem. In order to simulate both favorable and adverse … Read more

Studies on Fractal Growth – Computational Desing II

The term “fractal” was coined by the mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot in 1975. Mandelbrot based it on the Latin frāctus, meaning “broken” or “fractured”, and used it to extend the concept of theoretical fractional dimensions to geometric patterns in nature In mathematics, a fractal is a geometric shape containing detailed structure at arbitrarily small scales, usually … Read more

Reef Rhythm: Differential Growth in the dance of Reaction Diffusion

This project explores the differential growth under the reaction diffusion phenomena. Moving from the microscopic behavior of magnetic fluids to the macroscopic phenomenon of differential growth, revealing the interconnectedness of physical processes and biological phenomena. Beginning with an exploration of the properties and behaviors of magnetic fluids, and establishing an understanding of their unique dynamics. … Read more


Pluripotent (‘capable of multiple tasks‘) stem cells are cells that can divide indefinitely.  These cell layers are the fundamental tissues that give rise to all the different types of cells and tissues found in the adult organism.  Given this property, stem cells are potentially able to recreate any tissue or organ found in the body.  … Read more

The Rooftop Playground

A Place to enjoy the sun, play, hide and chill The Rooftop Playground proposes, as the name suggests, a leisure (playground) space on the given rooftop of IAAC building. This attempt is derived from the current lack of character, the needs in alternating qualities of spaces (privacy, light, etc.), as well as the need of … Read more