The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.


Procedural Morphologies

Leveraging the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for Application on Layered Quadrilateral Meshes Abstract Procedural Morphologies is a novel computational design workflow in the field of discrete design. It leverages the Wave Function Collapse Algorithm for application on any quadrilateral mesh. Thus a coherent three-dimensional aggregation solution can be generated for any quad mesh using a … Read more


Statement In extreme summer heat, our bodies work overtime to regulate how we feel. It takes massive amounts of energy to maintain a normal and consistent body temperature. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish.It makes it important to have a COOLING system in high temperatures. What is a possible … Read more


GENETIC OPTIMIZATION THROUGH COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN This work aimed to genetically optimize through computational design of a rainwater filtration tower. The tower is part of the design developed for the Digital Matter Studio. The group proposes to create a landscape structure that can collect and filter rainwater through chitosan, a bio-based material made from mussel shells … Read more

Form Follows Availability

Genetic Optimization: Assignment 3 The project aims to provide the most optimal solution to maximize the shading of this housing project. The algorithm reflects the process of natural selection where each individuals are selected for the reproduction in order to produce descendant of the next generation. Through the exploration of Ladybug and Galapagos, we can … Read more

Genetic Optimisation- Pixel District

Abstract In the current era the “future” becomes an increasingly uncertain question. Huge projects are being built right now all over the world supported mainly on the interests of Real Estate speculation. This capitalist driven urban expansion relies on a specific typology: the Skyscraper. Simultaneously, the world population continues to increase, focusing on the urban. … Read more

Genetic Optimization

Project Manifesto The project explores three main topics that represent a global concern within the present times: growing population, climate crisis and food production. Following these concepts, the main intervention is based on designing a city of the future, located in the actual site of Copenhagen’s North Harbor. In the past 10 years, the population … Read more

ARCHIBUDDY – The World Is Your Friend

Introduction Archibuddy is a unique and innovative project that aims to create adaptive architectural elements to make environments emotion-responsive. Archibuddy will leverage the latest technologies to provide personalized experiences to users, optimizing their well-being and productivity using Emotion Detection Technology and the Algorithmic workflow that was developed over the course of the Master’s Research Thesis … Read more

Wire Wonders

wire wonders

WELCOME TO THE WIRE WONDERS MANUAL! We are excited to have you onboard, we will help you to fabricate a lamp with the help of augmented reality. This technology will allow you to overlap digital information into physical spaces, making it easy to visualize and analyze the steps to follow the fabrication process. To get … Read more

The Cultural Canvas

An art and community center designed to foster artistic and cultural activities in a community, through a geometrically evolved design that integrates with the surrounding environment. It serves as a hub for creative expression, social and cultural exchange, providing space for exhibitions, performances, workshops, and community events. The center’s architecture combines functionality with artistic expression, creating a space … Read more


THE FUTURE OF PARKING In this one-term seminar of Decarbonise built environment the main goal was to develop carbon-capturing strategies and study how can we shift to renewable energies. In this particular project, Barcelona city was taken as a built environment, and based on that we developed urban planning strategies and parking design strategies. COSMOGRAM … Read more


A critical, speculative graphic essay in three steps Chapter 01: Critical Analysis A critical analysis of case studies through the lens of Kiel Moe’s ‘A Case for a More Literal Architecture.’ This project seeks to critically deconstruct the element of abstraction on an urban scale through an analysis of readings from Kiel Moe’s “A Case … Read more


In the field of architecture, verticality is often considered the ultimate achievement, the culmination of various attempts, experiments, conceptual speculations, and styles. Architects such as Yona friedman, Rem Koolhaas, Peter Cook have investigated this concept resulting in questionable outcomes. Our analysis explores their work, examining its pure geometry with speculative experimentation. This concept is exemplified … Read more


REIMAGINING WATER TREATMENT INFRASTRUCTURE THROUGH BIO-BASED SOLUTIONS PROJECT OVERVIEW WATER STRESS Due to the climate change, inefficient irrigation systems for agriculture, population growth and inefficient water infrastructure, the water stress in the world is increasing. But we question ourselves if water is really a scarce resource or is it just the issue of how the … Read more

Form Follows Availability

The construction industry is the number one consumer of global raw materials while being one of the biggest producers of waste in the European Union.In this Research, we aim to explore the possibilities of secondary waste wood (Pallets) based on the notion of discreteness and develop a “Programmable Matter System”.These discrete building blocks can be … Read more

Forces Of Nature

The Prismatic Pavilion Site Context ●The Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is located in the city of Barcelona, Spain. ●The institute is situated in the Poblenou neighborhood, which is known for its innovation and technology industries. ●The institute is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus and metro lines running nearby.  ●The campus is also located close … Read more

SlideSquare: The Sliding Square Facade

The architectonic project of an interactive environment that develops a structure opening and closing according to sunlight is a design that responds to the natural light changes throughout the day. The concept can be applied in a façade to regulate the temperature and sun entrance on the building, or in a residential or commercial project … Read more

Motion Rhythm

Concept Motion Rhythm is an immersive installation that creates kinetic and sound patterns through the movement of people. It intends to capture the motion of walking and represent it at eye level, creating a connection between the body and its surrounding environment. It consists of a kinetic ceiling made of transparent bars with metal balls … Read more

Agua Mobility

Employing a passive design strategy for construction can be a viable way to address this issue since buildings use the majority of the energy consumed in a city for heating and cooling space. The goal of the study is to create a passive heating and cooling system in a controlled environment by experimenting with the … Read more

Internet of ME

The data we engage with everyday is growing rapidly, and our digital footprint is increasing! With the cyber-physical convergence and the fast expansion of the Internet, Volume of information created, copied, captured, and consumed worldwide went form 33 zettabytes in 2018 to an expected 175 zettabytes in 2051! That’s close 500% increase in 5 years. … Read more