The MAA is a visionary master program with an innovative and open structure, mixing diverse disciplines, shaping professionals capable of producing theoretical & practical solutions towards responsive cities, architecture & technology.



Integrating Radiation Shielding for a Safe and Sustainable Urban Environment Radiation is a threat in many industries, from space exploration to medical imaging. Effective design must take into account the unique challenges presented by radiation. MASTER IN ADVANCED COMPUTATION FOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN  2023/2024 Faculty: ARETI MARKOPOULOU & NIKOL KIROVA STUDENT : Darkhan Kadirov   


Concept We aim to design an environmental responsive facade that provides shelter for users in public spaces. Our facade aims to explore different materials that will behave differently based on the sensory information that the weather conditions of the city or location provide. It will be reacting to local light, rain, temperature and weight levels, … Read more

“Fibernetics: Bridging Kinetic Architecture with Cybernetics for Adaptive Spatial Configurations”

Abstract: Architectural space has been non responsive to the dynamic and changing nature of social interaction. Building on the history of responsive architecture, interactive design principles and technological developments in sensing, processing and actuation, the project proposes a new model that merges kinetic architecture and cybernetics. Creating adaptive configurations through automated kinetic architectural skeletons, employing … Read more


DESIGN BEHAVIOUR Radiation is a threat in many industries, from space exploration to medical imaging. Effective design must take into account the unique challenges presented by radiation. MASTER IN ADVANCED COMPUTATION FOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN  2023/2024 Faculty: ARETI MARKOPOULOU & NIKOL KIROVA STUDENT : Darkhan Kadirov

My Lonely Days Are Over

‘My Lonely Days Are Over ‘ is a project aimed to addressing loneliness in an increasingly isolated society, through the creation of a dependable hand that provides physical stimulus i.e. a high-five; usually shared between friends in moments of joy or to express appreciation. Schematic 1x Arduino Uno 1x Bread Board 1x Ultrasonic Sensor: HC-SR04 … Read more

Design by YOU

Everyday stressors are like a collection of small waves that constantly lap at the shores of our lives.  From traffic jams and work deadlines to financial pressures and interpersonal challenges, these daily stressors can add up. Our exposure to the surrounding environment, whether it’s a bustling city or a quiet countryside, also plays a role. … Read more


Concept The intention was to design a multi functional rover with obstacle sensing capabilities. The rover can be controlled in two ways, either through voice commands or through Bluetooth remote sensing. Materials Circuit Diagram Some critical considerations: Before uploading the code RX and TX connections must be taken out. After uploading, they must be again … Read more

Luminous Echoes Prototype

Movement, light and sound are the 3 essential elements that compose this project. Having in mind the importance and exponential potential of technology in art, “Luminous Echoes” explores the interplay between these elements as an interactive art installation. The installation consists of a darkened room, that when detected presence is lightened by a responsive pattern … Read more

Adaptive Sun Shade

The proposed project is to have a mechanical responsive canopy that can react to the sun path in each time of the day. As climate conditions such as temperature and sun radiation levels approximate to undesired levels the built in system would trigger the mechanism. The sun shade is controlled by three different servo motors, … Read more

Touch Canvas

Concept Development  Touch canvas is an interactive visual project using Arduino that transforms touch inputs into dynamic visual effects. Users engage with sensors and controls connected to Arduino, triggering real-time changes in immersive visual environment, fostering a unique, hands-on digital experience. Material List Schematic Diagram Arduino Code Prototype Setup Future Step Interactive project, I propose … Read more

Sensible Roof

Concept The Dynamic Proximity-Controlled Ceiling System is an innovative installation designed to create adaptable spaces by adjusting ceiling height based on human presence and proximity. It utilizes motion-sensing technology and a motorized mechanism to raise or lower the ceiling in real-time, providing an interactive and responsive environment. This project concept presents an innovative solution that … Read more

Random Decision Making Device

Let’s talk about random decision-making devices, a cool tool with many uses. Ever get stuck deciding? This device helps break that deadlock, offering clarity and moving things along. But it’s not just about making life simpler – it sparks creativity, pushing us beyond the usual options. Think of it like a compass for trying new … Read more

Multifunctional slats

Multifunctional Slats (MS) is a proposed shading system that reacts to environmental factors through sensors and actuators. The system is imagined as a shading device that is able to protect from the heat incidence and rain of the sun during the day with the same element. The sun’s incidence angle varies during the day; we … Read more

night watering

application of an automatic watering system which only activates under two conditions :  the soil moisture is dry, and the sun has set. this helps to avoid too much water evaporation, but also to avoid over-watering the soil. step 1 / setting up the soil sensor. step 2 / setting up the servo motor. step 3 / setting … Read more

Artificial Sun

“Artificial sun” is a light installation that originated from a dark, cold winter walk in Berlin. Berlin, one of Europe’s liveliest and youngest cities, is renowned for its vibrant parties and general positive atmosphere.However, when winter arrives and the days grow shorter, the city seems to go into hibernation, leaving its streets cold and empty. … Read more

Adaptive Blossom Canopy

The Adaptive Blossom Canopy stands as a smart roofing system, tailored to address the challenges of hosting outdoor events in regions characterized by scorching temperatures and erratic rainfall. Drawing inspiration from the grace of nature, its design showcases a structural framework crafted with kinetic roofing panels mirroring the petals of a four-leaf flower. Employing Arduino … Read more

Automatic Irrigator

(Either that or a cool edgy name too.) As for a very simple concept: The idea surged from the need present for some of the people from the neighborhood. Many students struggle with finding good and affordable food at Barcelona – so, naturally, they resort to cooking themselves. Yet. for the last few months, some … Read more


A urban hybrid between canopy and umbrella, that protects from the sun and collects rain water CONTEXT CONCEPT CODE STRATEGY DESIGN STRATEGIES BILL OF MATERIALS TINKER CAD SIMULATION PROTOTYPE VIDEO NEXT STEPS A next step would be to develop a more complex urban infrastructure composed of these modules that can cover a wide area of … Read more

DyeMate ProVision

Dye vending machine working with an ultrasonic drive system. Concept The project involves a container equipped with a keypad, allowing it to provide a specific weight of the material inside based on user input. The primary objective was to aid a friend in her natural dyeing process, eliminating the need for manual weighing of each … Read more


Interactive Liminalities is an attempt to activate the sensory perception of human interaction in Liminal Spaces, which are transitional spaces, lacking a sense of connect and dialogue due to their functional nature. The idea is to stimulate the space through sensual anomalies. When a user transitions, the detection enabled through ultrasonic sensors, initiate a connection … Read more