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Vallvidrera Reservoire

Context Frogs as An Indicative Species: The Pelophylax Perezi frogs, native to the reservoir are an indicator of the ecosystem’s biodiversity, and require a permanent body of water to thrive. These amphibians traverse through ecotones and patches, evidently providing us an indication of a diverse ecosystem.  Why Frogs? Analysis Methodology Could we use the behaviours … Read more

Uintah and Ouray Music and Performing Arts Center

SITE The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation DESIGN PROCESS Form Finding and Computational Elements FORM FINDING Massing FORM FINDING Perforations FORM FINDING Decorative Perforation – Spikes FORM FINDING Columns FORM FINDING Split Columns FORM FINDING Mezzanine FORM FINDING Interior Space SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION FINAL PROPOSAL FINAL FABRICATION FINAL RENDERS

Scan to BIM: ML tools for MEP component recognition


Source: Topic brief The research is investigating the potential benefits of integrating state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) tools in Scan-to-BIM for mechanical, electrical and plumbing parts (MEP) recognition. Recent advancements in ML can enhance construction phase and post-construction maintenance. The use of these tools can be critical to create accurate as-built models to automate the … Read more

Do Architects Dream of Electric Sheep?

The future of architecture is being shaped by a romantic embrace of technology, exemplified by the concept of the “electric sheep.”  Architects are integrating BIM, computational design, robotics and other advanced tools into their workflows, resulting in a transformative shift in design possibilities. This approach not only improves efficiency, but also fosters greater creativity and inclusivity … Read more

Echoes of Tomorrow

Abstract: The Anthropocene has seen exponential growth in technology, enabling humans to transform their environment and exploit natural resources on an unprecedented scale having led to widespread environmental changes, including climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, and alterations in the Earth’s landforms and water systems. However, the unequal distribution of resources and power has also led … Read more


“First Life, then Spaces, then Buildings, the other way around never works” – Jan Gehl The proposal is an intervention at the site situated in Diagonal Mar, neighborhood, inspired from the fundamental idea of Placemaking. The intervention goes beyond development, aiming to activate the site and create a vibrant community. Grounded in functionality, the approach … Read more


Selected excerpt “…the “synthetic” is a genuine and meaningful version of something that was deliberately created (such as a laboratory-grown diamond identical to a “natural” one at the molecular level). Thus, artificial intelligence merely seems smart, but synthetic intelligence really is. We should be pursuing synthetic intelligence, not artificial intelligence.” Chat GPT4_Itemization of ideas Synthetic … Read more

Shining Rebirth

Shining Rebirth is a project about the circular lives of float glass, aluminium frame and polycarbonate roofing. Related materials are taken from IAAC atelier, with numbers, dimensions and conditions properly analysed. Carbon footprint as each stage of life is calculated, with deconstruction steps properly considered. In order to propose a new life for these materials, … Read more

Where Lies the Silver Lining

How Has the Idea of the Panopticon Shaped Smart Cities Surveillance? ACT 1: Surveillance in the Shadows An early morning at the entrance to a building at the Line. It is the first day of setting up a security point, and the atmosphere is tense as the messages have been spread around inviting all the … Read more


How to imagine Walter Benjamin’s notion of Aura in the field of NFT art? In the heart of Barcelona, the Moco Museum hosts a groundbreaking NFT art auction, igniting a heated debate about the concept of aura in the digital realm. Dr. Alexandra, a nostalgic art curator, Leo, a proud copycat artist, Max, a wealthy … Read more

A Dammed Conundrum

How to activate uncertainty as a design-tool? Credits Characters Maya- Architect Charlett- Daughter of Architect Alex- Engineer Oliver- Worker It is autumn in Sandouping. The leaves, unsure of their directions float on the edges of a large lake. The lake is shadowed by the construction work of a dam on one of its edges. On … Read more

Live #Mhysa

Cover Image

How do body stereotypes glitch through digital and physical realms? [AuthenticMeNow] : Mhysa started a live video. Watch it before it ends! “?…Who Can Tell What Magic Spells We’ll Be Doin’ For Us? And I’m Givin’ All My Love To This World Only To Be Told I Can’t See, I Can’t Breathe No More Will … Read more

Mumbai Soundscape

ACT 01 *end of september 2023 in bandra mumbai during ganesha charturthi, celebratory noises are all around. sounds of people, fireworks, music, animals are heard within close proximity of a popular patisserie along turner road, west of bandra in mumbai-india* *kantha bai- a 50 year old local and bitter woman, bothered by the noises from … Read more


What modes of activism does the Anthropocene unleash? ABSTRACT “Activism takes various forms: from Guendalina’s digital activism to Gail’s passionate protests, Stephen’s data-driven focus, and Patricia’s philosophical reflection. Each approach offers unique perspectives in the fight for social and environmental change.” CHARACTERS ??????? ?? ?[Philosopher] – Patricia??????????????[Influencer] – Guendalina???????????[Scientist] – Dr.Stephen Numb ???????????[Local] – José … Read more