During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02), students have the unique opportunity to work for a period of 1 year on an Individual Thesis Project, focused on the development of a research or pilot project based on the student’s interest, and the learnings of the first year. IAAC supports the student in selecting their Thesis Project topic in order to better orient them according to their future career interests and opportunities. Each student, according to their specific topic, is assigned one or more Thesis Advisors that follow the development of the work throughout the year.

In parallel to the development of the Individual Thesis Project, the second year of the MAA02 offers a series of seminars enhancing the theoretical, practical and computational skills of the students.


Ovolo – Eggshell Tiles Food waste is a massive problem, contributing to approximately 4.4 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions annually, as per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.Greenhouse gas emissions from food waste in landfills exacerbate this issue. In egg food production, eggshells account for a significant portion of food waste. … Read more

Second Slice

Second Slice Giving bread waste a second chance START-UP Second Slice is a start-up dedicated to transforming the sustainability landscape through the upcycling of bread waste into vegan leather using bread and mycelium. Our mission is to provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather production while simultaneously reducing food waste. By harnessing the power of … Read more

UrbanCork: Paving Green Futures

At UrbanCork, we are a passionate team of four young individuals from Barcelona and Stuttgart, united by a shared vision of creating sustainable solutions for urban environments. We are committed to transforming cities into more liveable, eco-friendly spaces from car-centric to people-friendly cities.  Our focus is on developing innovative cork tiles that not only enhance … Read more


SustainaBite aims to address the issue of food waste, specifically focusing on household food waste, which accounts for over 55% of the total. This household waste is majority linked to over-purchasing, over-preparing and lack of meal planning. To tackle this problem, we have developed an app that empowers customers to discover current discounted food products … Read more


What behaviour in our daily life cause energy waste. The sun that comes into the home is harsh and hot, drawing the curtains makes the room dark, which then requires light to be turned on in the day, wasting energy. Typical Solar Panels are Deterrent to User Deployment. Normally it is Large, bulky and installed on roofs and … Read more