During the second year of the Master in Advanced Architecture + Thesis Project (MAA02), students have the unique opportunity to work for a period of 1 year on an Individual Thesis Project, focused on the development of a research or pilot project based on the student’s interest, and the learnings of the first year. IAAC supports the student in selecting their Thesis Project topic in order to better orient them according to their future career interests and opportunities. Each student, according to their specific topic, is assigned one or more Thesis Advisors that follow the development of the work throughout the year.

In parallel to the development of the Individual Thesis Project, the second year of the MAA02 offers a series of seminars enhancing the theoretical, practical and computational skills of the students.

Building Therapy

Building Therapy is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 02 – 2022-2023 by the student(s) aishwarya.arun during the course MAA02 & MRAC02 22/23 Business Innovation with Davide Rovera.


Picture this: Its sunday morning and you are taking a shower after a long saturday night. You have the water running, still trying to wake up from the night before then Crash! You are now having a mini panic attack, scrambling to get the soap out of your eyes and turn off the water all … Read more


Cities nowadways are built for cars, but cars dont live in cities. More and more cities are moving away from the car centric design but that leaves us with a barren asphal landscape with some colour and a few elements here and there The Future – Sustainable Cork Tiles WHY NOW FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS COLLABORATORS AND … Read more


Revolutionizing Architectural Animation with AI ArchiMationAI is revolutionizing the architectural animation industry by providing AI video visualization for architectural projects. By transforming the way architecture is presented and marketed, our solution caters to the needs of architects, real estate developers, and designers who seek to create visually engaging content that stands out in today’s highly … Read more


Juan is a young professional working in Barcelona at an office with a common work space which he describes as loud, grey, boring and uncomfortable. Juan is not alone… 6.3M employees in Barcelona work in a similar work environment. Our solution to them is: What is the solution? A modular vertical smart pot system which … Read more

Travify // Business Innovation

Travify is a travel organizing app that simplifies every aspect of your trip in one platform. The app organizes all aspects of a trip, including flights, accommodation, activities, food among many others, plus custom recommendations ensuring the user has access to the best options for their individual needs and preferences. All this segmented into categories … Read more

ARCHIBUDDY – The World Is Your Friend

Introduction Archibuddy is a unique and innovative project that aims to create adaptive architectural elements to make environments emotion-responsive. Archibuddy will leverage the latest technologies to provide personalized experiences to users, optimizing their well-being and productivity using Emotion Detection Technology and the Algorithmic workflow that was developed over the course of the Master’s Research Thesis … Read more