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An Ode to Air

Keep the water out! It seems as though this is the first shard of wisdom one is exposed to when studying Architecture. I remember coming across this motto of sorts for the first time in a class on detailing; my professor seemed almost obsessed by the presence of water and its surreptitious ability to undo … Read more


LOCATION : BENGALURU, INDIAKOPPEAN CLIMATE : Aw (TROPICAL WET & DRY CLIMATE) CLIMATE ANALYSIS Bengaluru has become hotter than it used to be 2 decades ago. Now we see temperature reaching above 40*c. The temperature starts getting hotter from March and reaches its peak in mid April and once the SW monsoon hits the coast … Read more

Simulating Personas

Introduction Human behavior has a significant impact on building energy performance and is often overlooked in favor of upgrading systems or technology. Building simulations often rely on deterministic models, but these models can be inaccurate due to the variability of human behavior. Stochastic models allow for more flexibility in assumptions and predict a range of … Read more