During the first six months in the program, students are comprehensively trained in the principles of design and construction of advanced ecological buildings through a series of focused and intense modules, which include material production, thermal and metabolic building systems, ecological structures and façade systems and much more. After developing the necessary skills and a holistic understanding of advanced and ecological design, students collectively draft and build a full scale ecological building prototype.

MEDITERRANEAN | Advanced Digital Tools II

THERMAL QUESTIONS: 1] Ideal percentage of SW glazing? 2] Can single glazing be used to reduce cost, or are energy losses too great? 3] Ideal thickness of cork bricks for insulation? 4] Ideal length of horizontal shading? In order to simplify the analysis, only the residential floors were chosen. To conduct the sensitivity studies, the … Read more

Arctic Onion | Digital Tools

(01) Core *(02) Sleeping Shelves (N)(03) Sleeping Shelves (S)(04) Cluster Shelves (N)(05) Cluster Shelves (S)(06) Envelope (N) *(07) Envelope (S) *(08) Roof(09) Core (Ground Floor)(10) Ground (N)(11) Ground (S) * Unconditioned ZonesCore/Bathhouse – Equipment Load : 600 W/m2 In order to simulate the energy consumption of the layer system, we decided to isolate 1 cluster … Read more

THE NEST | Advanced Digital Tools

THERMAL QUESTIONS: Q1. Having studied the sun path diagram, it is observed that there are low sun angles in the east and the west throughout the year. How can thermal heat gain be prevented from the east and the west direction? – To prevent the heat gain from the lower angle of the sun from … Read more