During the first six months in the program, students are comprehensively trained in the principles of design and construction of advanced ecological buildings through a series of focused and intense modules, which include material production, thermal and metabolic building systems, ecological structures and façade systems and much more. After developing the necessary skills and a holistic understanding of advanced and ecological design, students collectively draft and build a full scale ecological building prototype.

Echo house | Resilient Envelopes

The envelope of the building serves as a multifaceted entity, acting as a secondary skin that embodies both functionality and aesthetics. At ground level, it harnesses the ambient sound of the street, converting it into energy, while higher up, a dynamic string facade adorned with greenery serves as both a sound absorber and a solar … Read more

Urban Synthesis| Resilient Envelopes | GAIA

GAIA Plot 1. About. Urban Synthesis | Resilient Envelopes This course explores the design and construction of modern and sustainable building envelopes. These envelopes must be strong yet adaptable, capable of being disassembled, transported, and reused with minimal energy consumption. They should also withstand various environmental elements like air, wind, sun, water, and temperature changes. … Read more

Zero Waste Project | Resilient Envelopes

This module focused on developing an envelope for the building, enhancing its functional as well as aesthetic qualities. The building envelope is pivotal in enhancing a structure’s functionality and performance. A well-designed envelope minimizes heat transfer, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling. Effective insulation and air sealing maintain consistent indoor temperatures, ensuring occupants’ comfort … Read more

Proximity Food: Resilient Envelopes

In these workshop, we’re diving deep into the world of resilient building envelopes, showcasing how contemporary design can intertwine with sustainability. Our project is a testament to this, blending innovative materials like corrugated hemp panels, ceramic pots for plant growth and rainwater filtration, wood for balcony structures, and compressed earth blocks for thermal mass. Through … Read more

Urban Alliance – Resilient Envelopes

The “Urban Alliance” is a mixed-use architectural design seamlessly integrating Industry 4.0 principles, featuring advanced photovoltaic production units. This visionary space harmoniously combines sustainable energy practices with residential and commercial areas, embodying a forward-thinking urban landscape that fosters eco-friendly living and innovative business practices. It exemplifies a holistic and tech-driven approach to urban planning. The project is … Read more