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Urban Synthesis | Resilient Envelopes

This course explores the design and construction of modern and sustainable building envelopes. These envelopes must be strong yet adaptable, capable of being disassembled, transported, and reused with minimal energy consumption. They should also withstand various environmental elements like air, wind, sun, water, and temperature changes. The course emphasizes integrating both active and passive strategies into the envelope design to ensure efficiency throughout its lifespan. Advanced ecological envelopes are designed to enhance building efficiency from fabrication to disposal, considering energy usage at every stage. Resilient envelopes are developed using sustainable construction systems and materials such as timber, cork, straw, bamboo, bio-plastics, ceramics, rammed earth, stone, glass, and recycled materials. The course categorizes these materials into biodegradable, mineral durable, and recycled/reused envelopes, focusing on reducing waste and environmental impact. Through this course, students learn to create innovative and environmentally friendly building envelopes that contribute to sustainable construction practices.