STATE OF THE ART ANALYSIS Using this set of aims, we evaluated various state of the art references, and extracted relevant information.


Context Inter Disciplinary In this project, we explore the intersection of digital nomadism, autonomous mobility, and AI-enabled sensing technology. Inspired by thinkers like Tsugio Makimoto, Pierluigi Coppola, and Tim Ferriss, we aim to create an autonomous living space that supports a mobile, remote work lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of digital nomadism, … Read more

Architecture Inspired Furniture

Artificial Inspiration – Dissecting the Creative Process Creativity is often viewed as a uniquely human trait, emerging from the processes of study, interpretation, replication, and mixing variables to create new combinations and results. This project explores whether it is possible to develop a framework based on these principles that AI can reproduce and whether this … Read more

Timber Narratives

Building on the principles of disassembly explored last semester, this phase of the Timber Narratives project delves deeper into advanced data-driven design strategies. We now capture and utilize timber colour values through enhanced scanning technologies, integrating this data into our designs. Additionally, we’ve implemented machine learning with logistic regression for precise categorization of timber for … Read more


Abstract: The ReWeave project develops a robotic system to repurpose construction and demolition (C&D) waste into functional, attractive walls, enhancing human-robot collaboration. We created a database by scanning broken tiles to extract shape, size, and color information, then developed custom nesting algorithms to optimize tile arrangement. The workflow includes scanning tiles, exporting outlines via ROS, … Read more


INTRO This study investigates innovative joinery solutions for modular evaporative cooling systems using 3D printed clay. With the rising global temperatures and subsequent increased demand for energy-consuming air conditioning systems, there is a crucial need for sustainable cooling alternatives. The research focuses on addressing the challenges of material shrinkage and joinery reliability in 3D printed … Read more


TIMBER SENSING TECHNOLOGY A material system combining timber and graphene, replacing traditional sensors through graphene’s sensing capabilities. This innovative approach allows first, real-time tracking of deformations inside the wood. Second, creating a digital twin that improves maintenance efficiency in the operational phase. Third, providing a detailed service life passport, this system supports reuse and reduces … Read more


State of the Art and Minimum Value Proposition There is an overstocking of small to medium trees over Europe due to poor firing and soil cultivation conditions, most of this trees have the diameter of 10-25 cm and depending on the species and cultivation conditions some of then are crooked and can’t be used by … Read more


ChromaEnergon represents an innovative approach to student housing architecture that transcends conventional design paradigms tapping the potentials of climatic energy and thermochromic pigments. This concept leverages verticality, slenderness, and dispersed tower structures to create dynamic living environments. By strategically mapping energy into various spaces through the skin which the facade, ChromaEnergon aims to generate unique … Read more

Urbanismo para la Paz

CAP01: INTRODUCCIÓN, CULTURA DE PAZ. Costa Rica es el primer país en abolir sus ejércitos y adoptar un Pacto para la Paz, la cual se basó principalmente en la nacionalización de la banca y algunos medios de producción, con los que se habilitó de músculo a un nuevo estado gestor Utilitarista en virtud de abolir … Read more

Shape it, feel it

Working in 3D CAD environments can be restrictive. While most CAD software provides tools for creating shapes and generating ideas, they often rely on a mouse and keyboard, or are very expensive. “Shape it, Feel it” investigates opportunities to generate shapes using a computer’s webcam and hand gestures. We utilize cheap and readily available hardware … Read more


#Feelit context Aim: Experiencing the news in a different way , To make you feel by making you experience the news with physical sensations and enhanced visual effects. it’s a comment on human desensitization.  POTENTIAL APPLICATION AND USERS OVERALL WORKFLOW Software UNREAL ENGINE Unreal was used to create the environment of the AR experience , … Read more




Segmented Shell Structures with Cork Panels: Design, Robotic Fabrication and Assembly “SilentShell” explores the use of cork for sound absorption in creating buffer partitions within the IAAC workspace, employing a shell structure concept. The design features a wooden frame with cork panels, fabricated through a combination of robotic and human efforts. The process includes preparing … Read more

Very Many

Design References Design Simulations Cladding Composition The Sandwich Panel is a combination of a top 6mm Polycarbonate Sheet with Dry Insulation and Cork forming our inner layers and to finish it off with a 6mm thk Polycarbonate Sheet at the bottom. Fabrication Process Using plywood as a base for dowels, which would serve as lateral … Read more

Woodcraft | Column-Beam Connection

CONTEXT STRUCTURE This project focuses on the Column-Beam Connection within the larger post-and-beam frame structure. While seemingly simple, these connections require intricate detailing to seamlessly resolve multi-element node connections. Our design involved integrating two perpendicular columns into a monolithic L-shaped column, securing two additional beams in the process. Through digital modelling, we adopted a multilayered … Read more

Segmented Blank

Developing visions of a future forest architecture, in Valvidrera Reservoir; a landscape that provides accesibility to, flora, fauna and open space to surrounding communities. LEARNING OBJECTIVES To gain an understanding of digital modelling of complex timber structures. To demonstrate an understanding of design-to-fabrication workflows and principles. To demonstrate an understand of digital fabrication methodologies for … Read more

Uintah and Ouray Music and Performing Arts Center

SITE The Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation DESIGN PROCESS Form Finding and Computational Elements FORM FINDING Massing FORM FINDING Perforations FORM FINDING Decorative Perforation – Spikes FORM FINDING Columns FORM FINDING Split Columns FORM FINDING Mezzanine FORM FINDING Interior Space SIMULATION AND OPTIMIZATION FINAL PROPOSAL FINAL FABRICATION FINAL RENDERS