During the first six months in the program, students are comprehensively trained in the principles of design and construction of advanced ecological buildings through a series of focused and intense modules, which include material production, thermal and metabolic building systems, ecological structures and façade systems and much more. After developing the necessary skills and a holistic understanding of advanced and ecological design, students collectively draft and build a full scale ecological building prototype.

VeloVerd la Verneda: Thermodynamic Fabrications

Incorporating the principles of Industry 4.0, our architectural project redefines urban living by seamlessly integrating sustainable design strategies with advanced manufacturing techniques. With a focus on promoting bicycle culture and health, our industry manufactures bikes. We present a visionary housing project that integrates thermodynamic principles to ensure the comfort and well-being of its residents while … Read more

Proximity Food: Thermodynamic Strategies

Our site is located in St. Adria De Besós, a district nestled in the northeastern part of Barcelona’s urban area, positioned at the mouth of the Besós River. It lies between the cities of Barcelona, Badalona, and Saint Coloma de Gramanet. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers.The … Read more

Tetris Town: Thermodynamic Fabrications Workshop

To properly kick off the development of the Urban Synthesis project, researching and prototyping during the Thermodynamic Fabrications workshop ended up being both very fascinating and educational. For better understating of the relationship between the project’s building site and the forces of nature, namely, wind direction and sun path, we created a prototype of a … Read more

Urban Alliance -Thermodynamic Fabrications

The “Urban Alliance” is a mixed-use architectural design seamlessly integrating Industry 4.0 principles, featuring advanced photovoltaic production units. This visionary space harmoniously combines sustainable energy practices with residential and commercial areas, embodying a forward-thinking urban landscape that fosters eco-friendly living and innovative business practices. It exemplifies a holistic and tech-driven approach to urban planning. The … Read more

Urban Synthesis| Thermodynamic Fabrication| GAIA

GAIA Plot 1. About. Urban Synthesis | Thermodynamic Fabrication The “Thermodynamic Fabrications” workshop explores how thermodynamics, ecology, and architecture intersect. It goes beyond just considering climate’s role in design and aims to blend both numbers and feelings in designing buildings. It focuses on aspects often ignored in sustainability lessons, linking daily life with architectural ideas. … Read more

Building in a local context – La Obertura

This is an architectural project nestled in the vibrant city of Barcelona, specifically in the district of Sant Adrià de Besòs. Our design is a testament to the synergy between thermodynamics and sustainable living, aiming to create a harmonious environment that adapts to the dynamic Mediterranean climate. The core concept of our project revolves around … Read more

Echo house | Thermodynamic fabrications

A musical, industrial & residential, advanced ECHOlogical project For the climate analysis data from Barcelona airport have been used, with the help of programs – Climate consultant and Lady bug tools in grasshopper. Barcelona, nestled along the northeastern coast of Spain, boasts a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, wet winters and hot summers. The city … Read more