The Master in Robotics and Advanced Construction (MRAC) seeks to train a new generation of interdisciplinary professionals who are capable of facing our growing need for a more sustainable and optimised construction ecosystem. The Master is focused on the emerging design and market opportunities arising from novel robotic and advanced manufacturing systems.

Through a mixture of seminars, workshops, and studio projects, the master programme challenges the traditional processes in the Construction Sector. It investigates how advances in robotics and digital fabrication tools change the way we build and develop processes and design tools for such new production methods.


Business of Mobile Additive Manufacturing

Rapid urbanization demands more efficient construction methods: Labor shortage in the construction industry: It is important to note the type of machinery being used by these two companies for 3D printing. Tvasta uses a robotic arm equipped with an extruder for printing concrete and L&T uses a gantry system, which is a big framework inside … Read more

The Concept of ReWood Dynamics: A Sustainable Approach to Wood Products

The idea behind ReWood Dynamics centers on an innovative approach to using waste wood in the construction industry. This concept involves a two-phased process to transform discarded wood into a usable and sustainable building material. Initially, the concept requires a delignification treatment of waste wood. This process aims to enhance the structural integrity of the … Read more