The Master Programme in Robotics and Advanced Construction is an innovative educational format that offers interdisciplinary skills and understanding through a series of class seminars that are put into practice through hands-on workshops. IAAC gives students the opportunity to create individual studio agendas and develop Pilot Thesis Projects based on the knowledge acquired during the seminars and workshops split into 3 Modules. In this way, IAAC puts together an experimental learning environment for the training of professionals with both theoretical and practical responses to the increasing complexity of the construction sector.


Abstract The escalating challenge of managing construction and demolition waste necessitates innovative approaches to enhance sustainability in the construction industry. This research proposes an automated robotic workflow leveraging Multi Agent Systems (MAS) and computer vision to repurpose planar construction waste materials, such as tiles, into new construction elements like bricks or walls. The primary objective … Read more

Glazing Smart Factory

Our course aims to explore the complexities of automated collaborative multi-agent systems across various environments. To achieve this, our focus lies on implementing a solution for our studio project: robotic glazing. Our objective is to address a hypothetical scenario wherein we aim to upscale the glazing process while retaining the adaptability necessary for mass customization. … Read more