2nd research, Comparison masterplan Tokyo by Kenzo Tange vs the existing Tokyo

Why Tange

Kenzo Tange, as you know, is one of the most famous architects in the world. He has left behind many architectural works in Japan and around the world, He is also an urbanist.
In planning the master plan for Tokyo, he studied data from Tokyo, and developed a master plan for Tokyo. While other Metabolist architects and urban planners have relied somewhat on ideology alone, and has been a leader in the field of urban planning since the 1960s, He sublimated the data into a design that considered the future of society. This research led him to get a PhD, . and established the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Tokyo. In a sense, he is the first urban scientist and urban data analyst in Japan.

Of course, Kenzo Tange’s urban model is regarded as a mere idea that never came to fruition, but it does provide a direction for postwar Japan and the possibility that such a city might have existed. By comparing this model with today’s Tokyo, I thought that there might be something to be seen. From the comparison of the urban model, we will compare it with the typology of 1 km blocks and buildings.