The project aims to translate movement/motion of people from the streets into kinetic/ light and sound installation on the building’s facade using metal pipes/ wind chimes. The main input into the project would be from ultrasonic sensors placed on the exterior wall in between the building’s boundary and the public. The input from these sensors would trigger the solenoids to hit the wind chimes installed on the facade creating sound and movement. This movement of the wind chimes would further trigger the lights installed.The movement of the chimes together with the lights inside them would allow to create illumination/ patterns on the pavement outside the building.


Prototype Drawings

Prototype 2D Drawings
Prototype Explode Axonometric
Solenoid Holder, Fabrication Process: 3D Printing
Pipe Caps, Fabrication Process: 3D Printing
Pipe Connectors, Fabrication Process: Laser Cutting
Plywood Frame, Fabrication Process: Laser Cutting


Schematic Diagram

Schematic Diagram for three & two Solenoid

Final Images

Prototype Image
Frame before Assembly
Final Prototype

Next Steps

Render Images
Render Image


Footage of the Project