In terms of implementing the concept of Resilient envelopes in Tabrizian Tapestry, the envelopes have been developed, driven by specific sustainable constructive systems, and integrating materiality with specific origin and composition, as well as ample room for maneuver in terms of performativity, recyclability, bio-degradability, longevity. Advanced CLT balloon frame with Brick facade clad in north walls is blended with exploring other sustainable materials, such as ceramics, rammed-earth, mycelium insulation, or recycled/re-used elements. These design tools will become the focus of our attention during the module. We studied and implemented biodegradable envelopes with low embodied energy. Mineral, durable envelopes such as ceramics, rammed earth, and stone have been incorporated into the facade with intrinsic qualities of durability, stability, and heat-storing capacity. Additionally, we explored the possible use of recycled and upcycled envelope elements, waste, debris, and re-used demolition materials as components of our designs, focusing on 0-waste design systems.