Thermal Insight: Optimizing Indoor Analysis

Thermal Insight would be a standalone app that optimizes indoor environments by predicting thermal comfort. With simulations from trained models to help enhance occupant comfort and energy efficiency, evaluating metrics like PMV, PPD, and MRT. This tool would help improve well-being and productivity while achieving efficiency goals. Abstract Methodology Use Case Data Analysis Results and … Read more


Studying migration is crucial for urban planners and architects to anticipate and accommodate the influx of people into cities, ensuring the development of robust infrastructure that can support this growth. As migration patterns shape demographic changes, understanding these trends allows cities to plan for adequate housing, transportation, healthcare, and educational facilities. This foresight is essential … Read more

Real-time Daylighting Performance for Adaptive Reuse Planning

This project aimed to develop a daylight predictor to facilitate and generate well-informed adaptive reuse projects, with a specific focus on providing sustainable design solutions for low-income housing. Los Angeles (LA) was selected as a case study due to its proactive open data initiatives and commitment to adaptive reuse. This proposal provides a snapshot of … Read more

Dataset Our database contains more than 181,000 rows, each with comprehensive information. The primary database includes 17 variables, though not all are necessary for our analysis. The most crucial data points are location (latitude and longitude), type of food establishment, type of inspection, inspection results, and risk level. As the person who uploaded the database … Read more


Introduction Our project, Materializer, leverages the power of multiple self-trained machine learning models to predict material quantities based on an image uploaded by the user and the building coordinates. This innovative approach utilizes image segmentation to isolate buildings, image classification to read material pixels, and a height prediction model for buildings lacking height information in … Read more

MY PARKS : Predicting Miami City’s Parks Scores based on Amenities and Businesses

Miami Parks Prediction GraphML Project

Rethinking Urban Spaces Parks and green areas are critical in cities as they provide spaces for people to meet, interact, and find a social life. They contribute significantly to the mental and physical well-being of residents, offering a natural respite from the urban hustle. Project Summary: According to google reviews, the most important factor for … Read more


The proposed vision for Tempelhof is articulated as a ‘city within a city’ arranged along the two airstrips of the former airport, extending perpendicularly to emphasise a dual directionality. Buildings are conceived as flexible micro-communities built on organic/biodegradable materials, with the possibility of growing or ‘de-growing’ through time.The design strategy aims to trigger a need … Read more


Context Inter Disciplinary In this project, we explore the intersection of digital nomadism, autonomous mobility, and AI-enabled sensing technology. Inspired by thinkers like Tsugio Makimoto, Pierluigi Coppola, and Tim Ferriss, we aim to create an autonomous living space that supports a mobile, remote work lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of digital nomadism, … Read more


UP-CYCLING CDW THROUGH RAMMED EARTH TECHNIQUE The project promotes a circular economy for construction demolition waste (CDW), focusing on concrete and brick materials. It investigates the creation of a material system that integrates data-driven demolition mapping, innovative material reuse, robotic manufacturing and a meticulous approach to designing the life-cycle of the material. It uses the … Read more

100-Year Flood Risk Road Intersection Classification

Flood Risk Classification

Beginnings Our project’s concept is to develop a classification model that identifies street intersections (graph nodes) in Stockholm, Sweden, susceptible to flooding during a 100-year flood event. Based on our initial research, we found that graph machine learning operates at three levels: the graph, its edges, and its nodes. With access to a 100-year flood … Read more

Dystopia of Digital Dominance

“Blade Runner” is a poignant illustration of how urban landscapes could be transformed in a post-industrial world, shaped by technological dominance and environmental decay. Created within a society grappling with the implications of synthetic life and corporate control, the film vividly portrays a version of Los Angeles. Re-envisioned through the context of speculative theories about … Read more

Initiating the Process for a Carless City

The idea of a ‘car-free’ city is not as easy as just banning cars but about reducing car reliance. The private car has undeniably revolutionized mobility in the 21st century. It has offered convenience, job creation and an increased freedom of movement. While a world without cars might seem unimaginable, cities globally are strategically transitioning … Read more

For the Good of Babel

Skyscrapers are human achievements that require innovation in the extraction of land to tower over its neighbors. The third skyscraper future reflects the past imaginary of Fritz Lang’s, Metropolis. This visualization aims to highlight the economic disparities and labor oppression depicted in the film, contrasting them with the modern logics of rentism as embodied by … Read more


Harmonising Coastal Futures, Restoring Balance in China’s Maritime , A Speculation of Communal Synergy in the context of Houtouwan THE PROBLEM // RESOURCE EXPLOITATION | OVER FISHING China’s over fishing crisis looms large, statistics revealing a stark reality of declining marine resources. With the majority of the worlds fishing resources coming from China, the country has … Read more

Ecologia Urbana en el área periurbana de São Paulo: Implantación de un Corredor Verde para Vincular el Crecimiento Urbano con la Naturaleza

Con más de la mitad de la población brasileña viviendo en áreas urbanas, la necesidad de integrar la naturaleza en la vida cotidiana se vuelve crucial. La urbanización desordenada alrededor de ríos y manantiales, como ocurre en la Represa Guarapiranga en São Paulo, compromete la cobertura vegetal, causando polución y amenazando la oferta de servicios … Read more

Predicting Biking Station Vacancy in Barcelona

Introduction Urban transportation planning relies on data science to explain the conditions driving mobility patterns. This exploration of bicing, Barcelona’s resident bike rental program, analyzes the actors impacting discrepancies in bicing data to select machine-learning strategies able to predict biking station vacancies across Barcelona for the year 2024 with an accuracy of 0.02387. With this … Read more

Genius Loci

View some of the collected data here: Street Types and Property Information Genius Loci was inspired by the work the of Sarah Williams in her book ‘Data action – Using data for public good’. In today’s data-driven world, the use of data has become increasingly pervasive, shaping various aspects of our lives from policymaking to … Read more

Solving the maze

Mazes have fascinated humans for centuries. Solving them requires decision making based on limited knowledge, and the ability to remember and avoid previous mistakes. The problem of solving a maze from any given position within it, without knowing the location of the exit lends itself well to the iterative logic that is central to this … Read more


Integrating Radiation Shielding for a Safe and Sustainable Urban Environment Radiation is a threat in many industries, from space exploration to medical imaging. Effective design must take into account the unique challenges presented by radiation. MASTER IN ADVANCED COMPUTATION FOR ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN  2023/2024 Faculty: ARETI MARKOPOULOU & NIKOL KIROVA STUDENT : Darkhan Kadirov   

Machine Learning in Architectural Practice and BIM

We’ve witnessed a fascinating shift from conventional to computational approaches, responsive designs, and the era of automation. Machine Learning, a term buzzing everywhere these days, has made its mark in our industry as well. In architecture, ML, a subset of artificial intelligence, utilizes data to tackle challenges in computer-aided design by simulating various design alternatives … Read more


In the year 2044, escalating city taxes have rendered travel to major urban centers unattainable for many, ushering in a period of decline for once-thriving cities. However, Rome emerges as a beacon of innovation, reversing its tax policies and spearheading the transformative “La Bolla” project. Through this initiative, Rome reclaims its status as a vibrant … Read more