The MaCAD is a unique online programme training a new generation of architects, engineers and designers ready to develop skills into the latest softwares, computational tools, BIM technologies and AI towards innovation for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.


Embarking on a journey through the dynamic realm of computational design, we’ve delved into the exciting world of interactive web application development. Along the way, we’ve not only grasped the tools and processes but also unraveled the core concepts driving innovation in this space. From harnessing the power of data and geometry on the web … Read more

The Grid

Does someone need a quick view of there grid shell structure along with some quick data like price, divisions, volume etc.., The Grid is a web app with provides us with takeoff quantity of a quick grid shell structure along with other supporting data. The UI for the Grid web-app is inspirited from a website … Read more

Micro Metropolis: Cloud Based Data Management

The concept of the “15-minute city” emphasizes a urban development model in which residents can access most, if not all, of their everyday needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from their homes. This approach seeks to counter the challenges of suburban sprawl by fostering more compact, efficient, and sustainable urban environments. Before beginning … Read more


In the world of home improvement, painting is a powerful way to transform any space. Yet, the journey from envisioning to executing a painting project can be filled with uncertainty—from choosing the right colors to calculating costs and materials needed. This is where VirtuPaint comes into play, simplifying the planning process with precision and creativity. … Read more


Crafting Tranquil Spaces with Acoustic Walls Within this digital realm of sound innovation, The app ” Soundscape ” provides users to craft tranquil spaces, leveraging the pivotal role of acoustic walls as the architects of tranquility. In spaces like home piano rooms, users can tailor every aspect of the acoustic landscape to create harmonious and … Read more

Genius Loci

View some of the collected data here: Street Types and Property Information Genius Loci was inspired by the work the of Sarah Williams in her book ‘Data action – Using data for public good’. In today’s data-driven world, the use of data has become increasingly pervasive, shaping various aspects of our lives from policymaking to … Read more

Rain Catcher

Concept The idea “Rain Catcher” tackles this challenge head-on by introducing a web application for a sustainable solution Testing platform. These aren’t your average rain shelters; they’re sophisticated rainwater harvesting systems designed to capture and store this valuable resource. Rain Catcher might help cities to transform a potential burden – rainwater – into a valuable … Read more

GrBuff – Giving Green Spaces Back

Initial Sketch Idea To develop an interface which allows users to visualize the co-relation of green spaces within the buffer zones of building design. The distance of the building from the boundaries will determine how high the built plot will be and it will suggest the number of floors and wall height dynamically on the … Read more

Drop by Drop – Simulate erosion

Introduction Fascinated by the formation of landscapes through geological processes, I wanted to develop an interactive tool that simulates the effects of erosion on a virtual terrain. The goal was to both illustrate how erosion works and to create an experimental playground for designing one’s own landscape forms. The development utilized VUE, ThreeJS, and Rhino.Compute. … Read more


The microcosm of masonry unit construction can be a rather confusing one, with enormous range of potential brick shapes, materials, and bond patterns. This website is indented to help guide designers in picking a brick wall configuration by providing aesthetic visualization and potential cost data. Input Parameters The primary input is the center of line … Read more

The Best / Worst App

Idea Imagine transforming your architectural vision from concept to reality with the perfect building placement. This is where the “Building Position Optimizer App” comes in. This innovative tool is your one-stop shop for maximizing the potential of your construction site. It takes the guesswork out of positioning your building, analyzing all possible options based on … Read more


NOISENSE emerges as a dynamic tool that facilitates the visualization of otherwise visually imperceptible phenomena within spaces. Through sound simulation and virtual prototyping techniques, NOISENSE aims to go beyond the limitations of human auditory perception, thereby enabling the visualization and replication of sound atmospheres. By conceptualizing sound as a spatial field, the online app allows … Read more

WELL Hydration Station

WELL Building Standard is an international benchmarking system focusing from design features through operational aspects of a project. Water is a concept within WELL and one of the features showcase and support an early design adapter of drinking water stations. Even though the requirement is simple, it can be difficult to determine how to best … Read more

Privacy Screen Generator

Idea The privacy screen generator is web-based tool for non-technical audiences who can design their own space separator without having any software knowledge. Grasshopper definition How to use Through a few simple sliders, the user can easily choose the size of their desired partition, the density of the openings, and the size of these openings. … Read more

Planter by Libny Pacheco

The Pains of Being a Computational Designer and Having Landscape Design Colleagues Planter came about as a response to my landscape architect colleagues. Seeing them working bidimensionally and having a 3D model typically disassociated from those 2D drawings pains me. In a world of data, why not quantify the consequences of plant choices in a … Read more

Ákou! Data Management

Ákou is an acoustic paneling system applied to a given curve. The user-friendly configuration is helping the customer to visualize the effect of the final product on the given surface. Ideally the input is a Rhino file illustrating the contours of the surface to be covered with the Ákou system. The illustration below represents the … Read more

Evaluate Your City

Concept The purpose of the app was to help with viewing and researching information on different types of amenities (like parks, playgrounds, etc.) near selected locations, based on the available OSM data. It’s based on Grasshopper script that is sent to Rhino Compute and visualized on the web using three.js. Grasshopper base The script is … Read more


Ceramic Surface Ceramic Surface is an application to customize ceramic tiling patterns from a geometry assigned by the client for decorative and acoustic purposes. In evidence the application CerSuft home page. The tiling pattern is regulated by a Grasshopper script. The geometry uploaded by the client (a Rhino file “.3dm”) can be a rectangle or … Read more

Urban Impact Analyzer

In the dynamic landscape of urbanization, migration towards cities is an undeniable trend. With this migration comes a myriad of challenges, notably the exponential rise in land costs and the often haphazard nature of urban development. As cities expand, there’s a pressing need for thoughtful and strategic construction that not only addresses the demands of … Read more


Concept In this custom webapp, we seriously (and jokingly) consider and design for the non-human. While walking my dog, Lumen, and thinking about this project, I noticed how he always picks up a stick and brings it home. This brings him happiness and reason to behave while on our walks. In the spirit of thinking … Read more


Redefining Facade Design Upload your building volume and choose from: Quad Panel, Hexagonal, Triangular and Diagonal You can also use the sliders to increase or decrease the pattern division on the facade, or even create new pattern types such as the vertical or horizontal strips using the quad panels in the dropdown menu Use the … Read more

Big Ticket Quantities-Concrete Buildings -App

BIG Ticket Quantities- Concrete Building

Abstract Every Project has their own requirement and every time Contractors and Consultants busy and willing to get the project and due to tight schedule for submission and they required accurate information for Major Quantities on initial stage for bidding purpose, Which used as base and as accurate as they really willing execute project with … Read more


Evaluate is an App that helps Investors and Planers to position their building on an uploaded Terrain, and visualize its Setbacks and Feasibility in terms of cost and total floor area. By automating this simple process, one can evaluate any building Plot simply by having its terrain, instantly and without bothering with checking specific Area … Read more

Eco – Construction

What is Eco-Construction? “Eco-Construct” is a web-based app designed for architects, urban planners, and environmentalists. It assists in creating sustainable and efficient building designs by leveraging environmental data and urban context. Why Eco-Construction? Economical building construction is not just about reducing costs—it’s about optimizing resources, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring value for every square foot of … Read more