Inter Disciplinary

In this project, we explore the intersection of digital nomadism, autonomous mobility, and AI-enabled sensing technology. Inspired by thinkers like Tsugio Makimoto, Pierluigi Coppola, and Tim Ferriss, we aim to create an autonomous living space that supports a mobile, remote work lifestyle. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the rise of digital nomadism, providing a unique opportunity to rethink how and where we live and work.

Recent Events

The project investigates how advancements in autonomous mobility and AI can be integrated into architectural design to support the digital nomad lifestyle. Key questions include how these technologies can enable a highly mobile, flexible living environment and how they can be employed to create autonomous urban microrobotics that facilitate new living patterns.

Precedent Projects

Design Intent and Mobility

Our design intent is to create an autonomous living pod equipped with AI-enabled sensing technology. We conducted extensive anthropometric and spatial studies to understand the functional and spatial requirements of such a living space. The goal is to design a mobile, flexible, and self-sufficient living environment that supports the digital nomad lifestyle

Design Explorations and Prototypes

We explored various design iterations and prototypes, using tools like Midjourney and Runway for visualization. Our explorations focused on creating a futuristic, autonomous rover that serves as a dwelling unit. We tested multiple models to refine the design and functionality of the living pod, ensuring it meets the needs of digital nomads.

Final Design and Implementation

The final design incorporates AI and sensing technology to create a fully autonomous living pod. Detailed physical mappings and sensor configurations ensure optimal functionality and comfort. The design flow from logic to 3D printing showcases the project’s comprehensive approach. Our prototypes demonstrate the feasibility and potential of this innovative living solution