Auto detective feeding mechanism


This project aligns with studio design, aiming to facilitate the re-establishment of beaver territories in a specific area. 

The device integrates motion sensors and sound detection to identify the presence of beavers and dispense food accordingly, represented by a servo motor with LED lights indicating food dispensing.  Simultaneously, an LCD screen will display real-time information on whether beavers are approaching, have been fed, or have left.

Pseudo Code Strategy

Bill of Materials

Code Text and Schematic

What’s next ….?

The vision of the project is to assist beavers in engaging and establishing habitats in various areas. This involves utilizing tracking devices and social networks to promote beaver activities, aiming to attract both funds and climate activists. In summary, the project’s goal is to create a sustainable approach to beaver conservation, blending technology, community engagement, and financial support to ensure a thriving future for these essential contributors to our ecosystems.