Inspiration – Treehouses


The project was inspired by treehouses which are generally associated with forests. The idea was to minimize the intervention of the forest as much as possible by occupying very less forest area per unit.


Form finding

The circles have been manipulated to form a shell structure upon which fins are added to give a feel of motion. These structures are then spread across and the opening are oriented towards the lake.


  • Circle packing exercise was done to determine potential locations was the units.
  • Attractor points are introduced to reduce the density of the circles to space the units so that they do not get cluttered.
  • The opening of the units are oriented towards the lake as a viewing point.

Design Iterations

  • The best position of the units were determined by manipulating the number of units with respect to the positions of the circles in the circle packing.

Units – Section & Elevation

Site Elevation

Site Section

Final Iteration

Final Render