The advanced technology seminar will focus on ROS manipulator workflows using Moveit and UR10e. 


The seminar will cover how to set up and use Moveit, covering the creation of the necessary robot and motion planning configuration files. The python interface will be used to create, plan and execute motion plans as well interfacing with the planning scene.


Simultaneously the seminar will introduce students to development workflows using a containerised development environment.


During this seminar students should develop a project (individually or in group), building on the workflows demonstrated during the course. It is recommended where applicable to use the seminar as a testing ground for workflows required for the studio project.


Learning Objectives 

During the course of the seminar students will be introduced to:

  • Moveit setup and configuration: Moveit Setup assistant, URDF, moveit config
  • Moveit Python interface: Moveit Commander
  • Introduction to the different motion planners available in moveit
    • OMPL
    • CHOMP
    • STOMP
    • Pilz Industrial Robot Motion
  • Software development in a containerised environment using Docker and Git 

 Photo Credits: ROS-I, Picknick Robotics.


Projects from this course

Context Aware Robotics AM

Context This project seeks for adapting the 3D printing process to known geometries used as supports or external elements as formwork, located in the physical space to save the costs of material and time to produce non reusable ones. These elements are detected through Computer Vision to update the toolpath on the digital model. There … Read more

Limitless project

This project is looking to be a tool that allow the monitoring, messure and documentation of the AM process at the moment of the printing with the help of conventional cameras, analog sensors, robot Data and open source technology Limitless project use different technology process to adquire information and process it. After the creation of … Read more

Robotic Scanning

Objective of this research is to create a robotic scanning workflow that creates high definition meshes for use cases in design and fabrication. Tools Hardware and software used in this research are – UR RobotIntel Realsense D405MoveitIndustrial Reconstruction Initial Tests The initial tests were intended at understanding the parameters of the camera to obtain an … Read more

Scan + Reconstruct

Main idea for this research is to: Requirements + Setup This package requires a depth camera (for rgb and depth data) and an industrial robot (to broadcast its state, and track movement of the attached camera). The path planning is done with Moveit Motion Planning (moveit_github). The motion planner used for this particular series of … Read more

Computer vision and AI in the Additive Manufacturing process

How can we improve the additive manufacturing process? According to a panel of experts, this process is not perfect. There are several issues on it, like the time that they normally spend prototyping to have “the perfect piece”.  This involves different parameters like speed, pressure, Material Consistency, the calibration of the robot, etc.  In most … Read more

Advance Technology: Context aware AM

The goal of this project is to present a Case Study about an adaptive additive manufacturing toolpath with a robotic arm. The process of printing sometimes brings variations or corrections on its way. The experiment seeks to 3d print a cylinder in clay where in the middle of the process, two pieces of PVC pipe … Read more