Resilient envelopes have to be developed, based on the harvested design strategies and the gathered concepts that the environment offers and have to be driven by specific sustainable constructive systems, integrating materiality with specific origin and composition, but also with an ample room for manoeuvre in terms of performativity, recyclability, bio-degradability, longevity… In this sense, the use of advanced wooden envelopes will be blended with the exploration of other sustainable materials, such as ceramics, rammed-earth, light mineral or recycled / re-used elements.


Sessions are conceived as open workshops where groups will lead the discussions in relation to their design and conceptual aims. On the first week, a brief introduction on every materiality
(from biodegradable to recycled envelopes) will be followed by the common development of a precise assignment: the conception of a resilient envelope. We will also contrast our progresses with a visit to a cutting-edge Barcelonan manufacturer and a recently realized resilient envelope in town. On the second week, we will concentrate on the conception and production of a resilient envelope for every latitude project, using sustainable strategies, manipulation of construction techniques and energy efficient concepts.

Every session will lead to different conclusions that will be applied as different layers on the design of the resilient envelopes. This process of layering the design will not only influence the envelope as a membrane, but the project as a whole. As discussions will get more and more detailed, the construction of a model of the envelope of every project in scale 1/20 and a mock-up or fragment in scale 1/1, will be gaining space and relevance, as the main topic of the sessions. The construction of this prototype of the envelope will be undertaken by every group, using the apprehended layering techniques and the developed own tools through the module. The models themselves should be built with recyclable, reusable, sustainable materials and techniques. During the module, we will have the continuous support of the Lab in order to develop such models.


Projects from this course

Tabrizian Tapestry: Resilient Envelopes

In terms of implementing the concept of Resilient envelopes in Tabrizian Tapestry, the envelopes have been developed, driven by specific sustainable constructive systems, and integrating materiality with specific origin and composition, as well as ample room for maneuver in terms of performativity, recyclability, bio-degradability, longevity. Advanced CLT balloon frame with Brick facade clad in north … Read more

DZONGHA | Resilient Envelopes

Shruti Sahasrabudhe, Larsen Bidstrup, Nishanth Maheshwaran, Jacek Antoni KostrzewaMASTERS IN ADVANCED BUILDINGS AND BIOCITIES, 2022-2023, IAAC The idea was to develop the structure to interact and adapt with the program and the people based on use and preferences The programme revolves around the concept of people from various walks of life can exchange knowledge and … Read more

AL HABIBITAT | Resilient Envelopes

Aswan, Egypt being in a hot & arid climate follow specific passive strategies, which are incorporated in the design. Installing a lattice patterned terracotta skin was seen as the primary idea for envelopes considering it enhanced the functionality of the passive strategies incorporated. Further, the thermodynamic study of heat sources & sinks indicate at the … Read more

MEDITERRANEAN | Resilient Envelopes

REFERENCES ENVELOPE DESIGN Given that the NW facade is the most important facade for wind capture, we wanted to have the ability to allow wind to enter the facade as well as block the strong western sun in the summers. This is accomplished through the use of ceramic louvers that can be rotated towards the … Read more

THE NEST | Resilient Envelopes

The design of the envelope plays a vital role in the design. The roof and the facade are part of the metabolic systems to aid with generating solar energy and collecting rainwater. The envelope is also efficiently designed keeping the thermodynamic analysis in mind. FACADE DESIGN: The facade is designed using a cane facade. The … Read more

Arctic Onion | Resilient Envelopes

- Material Catalogue : Collecting & Cataloguing materials around Valldaura; Simulating real-time construction process of procuring material from waste sources.- 1:20 Model of Weather & Cluster Shelf Envelopes - Multiple Layers of the Weather Envelope: Wind Turbines, Water Channels & Raincoat - Front Elevation: Raincoat of the building made of Upcycled Sails & Fabrics - ... Read more