2023: Barcelona is navigating a dynamic landscape of construction and deconstruction, thus enhancing its appeal as a global tourist destination, provide quality educational opportunities, and create diverse job prospects. The city’s commitment to sustainability and the careful management of its growth underscore its dedication to fostering a harmonious relationship between development and heritage preservation.

2030: Barcelona Green infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan of Barcelona 2030 Hs envisioned as a strategic instrument which sets out the challenges, goals and commitments of the local government when it comes to preserving green infrastructure and biological diversity and defining how people can discover their natural heritage and benefit from it whilst taking great care of it. The city is all set to be a sustainable and equitable city with a diversified economy that generates high-quality employment and adapts to new challenges, such as the ecological and digital transition. This boom of economy will lead to more influx of people looking for jobs, newer opportunities , education and improved standard of living, thus increasing the demand for more construction resulting in more deconstruction in order to accommodate the population.

By creating a material bank from Deconstruction practices we can reuse and reduce the burden on production of new materials in the construction industry.